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Cloud quasi Technology: meet the lightweight era - the rapid development of "Video Conference cooperation platform"

network technology and communication equipment capabilities has exacerbated the proliferation of enterprise byod and greatly changed the way of business exchanges between people. In the future, enterprise business cooperation will rely more on cloud conference to meet the needs of more and more mobile offices, and this trend has brought huge pressure to the information department, How to integrate new cloud products into existing systems, as well as the unified management between the use of existing equipment and emerging solutions, has become the primary issue for information personnel

the new cloud application solution tensile testing machine is suitable for plastic plate, pipe and profile solutions, redefines the mode of enterprise communication, and creates a new enterprise integrated communication market. From the past hardware video equipment and large-scale conference management system, hardware cooperation tools have become the communication pillar of enterprises for many years, but with the rapid development of science and technology, users have moved towards a diversified and multi-channel communication mode, The traditional communication mode develops more complexity and possibility. Based on the high flexibility and scalability of cloud solutions, more than 50% of large and medium-sized enterprises have adopted private cloud or public cloud to run enterprise integrated communication platforms since 2016

in the process of introducing new solutions, many enterprises hope to use a single partner to provide an enterprise subordinate and integrated communication platform. The one-to-one business window can not only simplify the communication process, but also provide a more perfect and consistent user experience for the introduction of a single brand. Enterprises look forward to a good video communication platform, which can stir up new business and workflow for employees, and provide richer interactive experience. An important part of this is to seamlessly integrate the internal existing hardware system with the new cloud conference service through a new conference platform with high compatibility, so as to create a new communication path with the least resistance for enterprises

yunzhun technology provides a new communication solution for enterprises without replacing the existing video hardware equipment. It connects all equipment through the "Enterprise Video Conference cooperation platform" which provides a tight space between the highly compatible front chuck seat and the oil cylinder. Whether it is IP phone, computer equipment or mobile devices that respond to the trend of byod mobile office, it can conduct meetings through the video platform and easily improve the communication network of enterprises

[about cloud quasi technology]

cloud quasi technology is committed to network integrated communication and video conference solutions, providing all-round enterprise collaboration, telepresence, mobile video, experimental power, which refers to solutions such as accuracy level 1 application development and integrated communication, and providing enterprise optimized integrated communication services with a dedicated and innovative attitude

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