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Anhui Guangde implements the forest head system and mobilizes all forces to concentrate on forestry development

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why is there a forest head? What's the use of long Lin? At the beginning of the implementation of the forest head system in Guangde City, Anhui Province, this is a question in the minds of many people

since March 2017, Anhui has taken the lead in exploring the reform of forest head system in China. Driven by thousands of forest leaders, Guangde has cracked down on deforestation, explored the circulation of forest land and developed green industries, which not only dispelled the concerns of villagers, but also made everyone eat an ecological meal while guarding the green mountains and dense forests

"Shi Cui, the trees on the mountain can't be cut down in the future."

"our family depends on this mountain. How can we earn income without cutting down trees?"

"I'm the 'Forest head' in the village now. I'll find a way for you."

Yang Shicui is a villager of Qita village, Shijie Town, Guangde City, Xuancheng City, Anhui Province. Today, she still can't forget this dialogue with Tian Runfeng, Secretary of the village Party committee, at the end of 2017

exploration: take the lead in implementing, from fighting alone to coordinated promotion

since March 2017, Anhui Province has taken the lead in exploring and implementing the forest head system in the country, of which Xuancheng is one of the first pilot areas. Why is there a forest head? What does chief Lin do? At that time, this was the question of many local people

"for a long time, the forestry department has been" fighting alone "in mountain forest management and protection. Especially in recent years, many new problems have emerged, making our work more difficult." Talking about the original intention of exploring the reform of forest head system, Yu Jian'an, director of the forest head system work department of Anhui forestry bureau, said

"On the one hand, the original forestry department mainly managed the forestry system. After the institutional reform, waste mines were included in the management system. At the same time, the original forest public security and other law enforcement teams were included in the public security system. For the forestry department, the scope of management has increased, but the law enforcement force has shrunk. On the other hand, a large number of ecological construction projects often involve multiple departments, and there are inevitably some problems in coordination and cooperation, resulting in the project progress Slow growth. " Yu Jianan explained

Yu Jian'an said that in the Anhui Chinese alligator National Nature Reserve located in Xuancheng, Guangde area covers an area of 1402 hectares, including 1064.56 hectares of forest land in the reserve, involving three townships and six administrative villages. In terms of management, the work of the forestry department was once very difficult

according to Yue Qingguo, deputy chief of the nature reserve management section of Guangde forestry development center, before the establishment of the reserve, there were villagers living here for a long time. It was difficult to move residents, demolish buildings, increase green and protect green, "From the perspective of protecting Chinese alligators, our vertical data is greater than or equal to the horizontal data. Of course, we hope to maintain the original ecology as much as possible, but in practice, the relevant work involves multiple departments, and there will be difficulties in coordination."

besides, where does the fund come from? Immature technology? Where is the land planning? A series of difficult problems are in front of us. Many times, they can only be "very thoughtful, really helpless"

the turning point occurred in 2017. Guangde implemented the reform of the forest head system, with the main leaders of the city serving as the forest head, detailing the responsibilities of 30 relevant departments in the forest head system reform, and thousands of forest heads took up their posts at the same time. Anhui alligator National Nature Reserve has been listed in 15 key ecological functional areas of Xuancheng forest head system reform zoning, and has become one of the priorities of the work

the demolition of 7756 square meters of aquaculture plants, the relocation of 3 households with a total area of 2371 square meters, the demolition of 11 forest protection houses with a total area of 1138 square meters, and the demolition of 2750 square meters of Bletilla planting greenhouse... This is the report card of Guangde's rectification of the Chinese alligator reserve, especially the core area, since 2017

implementation: according to local conditions, from afforestation and forest protection to increasing green and income

the establishment of forest head once made Yang Shicui, who has more than 40 mu of mountain forest, very nervous. She didn't let trees be cut down to sell money. Without a large income, she didn't sleep well for several days

Qita village has more than 28000 mu of mountain forest. Since the late 1970s, locals have picked up axes to cut trees and sell wood. Later, the timber gradually lost its price, and the locals burned the timber into charcoal to sell. By 2017, more than half of the local people are still engaged in charcoal business. Years of felling have led to frequent geological disasters, and only Phyllostachys pubescens can be planted in the mountains and forests

Tian Runfeng, a new head of the forest, was also worried: with the word "head of the forest", could the villagers put down their axe for cutting trees? He realized that if he didn't want the forest head system to become a dead letter, he had to make the villagers' pockets bulge

driven by Lin Changtian Runfeng, Qita village established a bamboo shoot processing plant in 2017. This not only turned the bamboo that was worth 0.8 ~ 1 yuan/piece made of non-woven fabric into a treasure, but also attracted dozens of villagers to work in the factory. Yang Shicui is one of them

now, Yang Shicui's family can earn thousands from selling bamboo shoots to the factory every year. Working in the factory, she still has an income of 30000 a year. "The bamboo shoots on the mountain can sell for money, work and salary. Now I don't want to cut down trees." Yang Shicui said

the situation of Qita village is very typical in Guangde city. Guangde has 2 million mu of forestry land, accounting for about 60% of the city's area, of which the forest area dominated by bamboo and the forest area dominated by trees account for about 50% respectively. With the implementation of the forest head system, new problems have emerged

"if we want to manage and protect ordinary trees, we must prohibit indiscriminate cutting and afforestation, but if we want to reasonably manage and protect such a large area of bamboo forest, we must carry out orderly cutting in order to avoid the threat of forest fire and plant diseases and insect pests." Dai Longqiang, director of Guangde forestry development center, said. Therefore, Guangde city seeks development according to local conditions. "For the timber area, on the basis of protection, we focus on the development of understory economy, rural tourism and forest health. In the bamboo area, we carry out appropriate large-scale operation through the centralized circulation of contracted mountain farms, attract capital entry, and establish different types of cooperatives to reduce cutting costs and enhance the market competitiveness of bamboo on the one hand." Dai Longqiang said

deepening: win the support of the people and turn the advantages of reform into governance efficiency

in December 2020, Hu Jiguo, a villager in Gaofeng village, Dongting Township, Guangde City, signed the agreement on Farmers' participation in cooperatives one by one after summing up with his family. For Hu Jiguo, this means that his 20 mu bamboo forest is transferred to the cooperative in charge of Xie Quanwen, a villager in the same village. That month, the cooperative completed the circulation of more than 5700 mu of mountain farms in 7 villagers' groups of Gaofeng village

"the bamboo forest in the village can reduce the energy consumption of 100 million tons of standard coal by 10000 mu. If more land can be transferred and large-scale operation can be realized, the market prospect will be very good." Xie Quanwen said that in order to develop bamboo processing in the village, he established a cooperative in 2015

however, at first, the transfer of land was strongly opposed by many villagers. Why? According to the regulations at that time, the management right of forest land and the ownership of Moso Bamboo belong to the cooperative, so the forest right certificate of villagers' mountain field should also be transferred to the cooperative

"how can the forest right certificate be handed over easily?" Wang Mingjiang, Secretary of the general Party branch of Gaofeng village, said. What can we do? We can only find a way from the way of circulation. In July 2020, Gaofeng village held a villagers' Congress and began to publicize the trusteeship transfer: the forest right certificate does not need to be transferred to the cooperative, but also belongs to the villagers. This suddenly dispelled the villagers' concerns

in June 2020, Anhui selected to set up 30 pilot areas of different types of forest head system reform demonstration areas. Each pilot area focuses on exploring 2 to 5 innovation points of system and mechanism, promoting more pilot experience that can be popularized, and effectively transforming the advantages of forest head system reform into forestry management efficiency. As a pioneer area, Guangde city undertakes three reform tasks: improving the contact point system of contracted forest land reform, exploring and establishing the activated management right system of rural contracted forest land, and exploring and establishing the forest management certificate system of rural collective forest land. Trusteeship circulation came into being under this background

"the construction of the pioneer area has established the reform goal and given greater freedom. It can give full play to the wisdom of the masses, explore practical and effective action plans, and then further evaluate and confirm them through practice. This is also an important starting point for us to further deepen the reform of the forest head system." Dai Longqiang said, "in the next step, we should combine the regional characteristics of Guangde City, especially in the development of bamboo industry. Through the integration of primary, secondary and tertiary industries, we should adhere to the combination of protection and development, so as to make the green mountains greener and the villagers richer."

"the forest head system has solved some long-standing problems, chewed down a lot of hard bones, and mobilized all aspects to concentrate on forestry development." Niu Xiangyang, Secretary of the Party group and director of Anhui forestry bureau, introduced

now, Anhui Province has comprehensively built the "five ones" service platform of forest head system, namely "one forest and one file" information management system, "one forest and one policy" goal planning system, "one forest and one technology" science and technology service system, "one forest and one police" law enforcement guarantee system, "one forest and one member" safety patrol system, and initially established an information operation platform with forest head areas at all levels as the landing point and five services, basically realizing one data platform One app and one bulletin board QR code


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