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On April 7, a delegation of four persons from the department head of Anhui Gujing Group came to Jingfeng company for investigation and exchange

on April 7, a delegation of four persons from the director of supply and quality inspection and the head of technology R & D and filling workshop of Anhui Gujing Group came to Jingfeng company for investigation and exchange. This trip is to prepare for the upcoming supplier bidding conference in May. The customer and his party successively visited Jingcai porcelain industry, Nippon glass new area and Mike factory. They agreed that Jingfeng company reflected the leading position of the industry and the style of a large enterprise. During the exchange, director Jin min also said that the company had developed flame-retardant and antistatic ABS printing materials. Chang Tian wenshun said that he looked forward to long-term cooperation between the two sides to place high value-added bulk orders and new product research and development in Jingfeng company, so as to deepen deeper cooperation and win-win results. According to the instructions of the chairman, general manager Wang Wenhai convened the principals of deep processing workshop, process, sales, quality inspection and technology R & D to have a discussion with customers that afternoon. During the discussion, the other party discussed most about the product quality, output, inspection process, quality monitoring points, product color, storage capacity of the warehouse and the storage status of our products, and put forward many constructive suggestions. President Wang answered the questions raised by Gujing guests one by one and said that he would try his best to improve the deficiencies, improve the service quality and promote the business volume to a new level. All participants in the exchange made statements, which laid a solid foundation for raising the low speed of his experiment and enhancing the confidence of both sides in cooperation. China glass () Department


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