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Abstract: the state invests a huge amount of money to carry out agricultural transformation. Its purpose is to improve the power supply capacity, reduce line loss, improve power supply quality, reduce electricity price and reduce the burden of farmers. There are serious hidden dangers in quality. Now the national rural transformation work is coming to an end, and the line loss management of power supply enterprises will also face new problems. With the further deepening of the rural power system reform, the line loss management becomes more and more important

key words: the state has invested a lot of money in agricultural transformation of low-voltage line loss transformer. Its purpose is to improve the power supply capacity, reduce line loss, improve power supply quality, reduce electricity price and reduce farmers' burden. Now the national rural transformation is coming to an end, and the line loss management of power supply enterprises will also face new problems. With the further deepening of the rural power system reform, the line loss management becomes more and more important. If a power supply enterprise can not keep up with the line loss management and the line loss has not been reduced after the two changes are completed, the two changes will not be successful. After the completion of the two reforms, meter reading will be carried out to households, and the electricity price must be reduced to within the price limit. If the line loss rate is still high and the electricity price is reduced, it will inevitably affect the repayment of principal and interest and the economic benefits of the enterprise. After the two reforms, great changes have taken place in the electrical structure and rural power management system. The weak links in the electrical structure have been basically solved. The power supply capacity of high and low voltage power has been greatly enhanced, the voltage quality has been significantly improved, and the technical line loss has been significantly reduced. In the future, the loss reduction is mainly a management measure. (1) Carry out theoretical calculation of high and low voltage line losses, and formulate practical line loss indicators and line loss assessment management system. After nearly three years of rural transformation, great changes have taken place in the high-voltage and low-voltage electricity of power supply enterprises. After meter reading to households, the low-voltage line loss has also been borne by power supply enterprises. In order to formulate a reasonable line loss index that oil is a non renewable scarce resource, the theoretical line loss rate of electricity should be calculated, especially the low-voltage theoretical line loss rate. After the completion of the two changes, the basic data of the theoretical calculation of line loss after the completion of the two changes shall be sorted out in a timely manner, and the practical line loss theoretical calculation software shall be used to calculate the high and low voltage line loss of electricity, and then the reasonable line loss indicators and the methods of line loss assessment, reward and punishment shall be formulated in combination with the actual situation. Revise the line loss management system, assessment methods and indicators. It should be formulated layer by layer. The county-level bureaus should assess the power supply stations, the power supply stations should assess the electric control stations, and the electric control stations should assess the package electricians, so that they can be assessed and fulfilled. In order to facilitate management, high and low voltage line losses shall be assessed separately. (2) Strengthen the reactive power management of distribution network and improve the voltage quality of electricity. At present, the reactive power compensation capacity in many places is insufficient, the power factor is low, and the voltage quality is poor. In the future, reactive power compensation should not only achieve hierarchical compensation and local balance, but also consider regional reactive power optimization compensation, so as to obtain the maximum economic benefits with the minimum investment. The best operation mode shall be selected for switching the main transformer of the substation according to the load conditions to ensure safe operation and voltage quality and minimize power loss. (3) Thoroughly solve the problem of "big horse pulling small car". Conduct a comprehensive survey on the power consumption of all factories, mines, enterprises and villages. If the transformer can be stopped due to the serious phenomenon of "big horse pulling small car", it must be stopped. If it can be powered by the sub bus transformer, the power supply mode of the sub bus transformer shall be implemented. Before the two reforms, since the property rights of distribution transformers and low-voltage electrical equipment did not belong to the power sector, the power sector could not reasonably adjust transformers and capacitors. After the pipe connection, distribution transformer and low-voltage equipment assets transfer are under the management of power supply enterprises, it is necessary to adjust the installation location of distribution transformer if conditions permit. The size and number of distribution transformer and reactive power compensation equipment should be reasonably allocated according to the load conditions. 2. Shore hardness (HS) = Rockwell hardness (HRC) + 15, to solve the overload of distribution transformer and the unreasonable phenomenon of "big horse pulling small car" and reactive power compensation, and reduce the actual loss, Improve the power supply capacity of distribution. (4) Adjust the seasonal power transformer. The seasonal power transformer of stripping fixture accounts for a large proportion in rural areas. In order to reduce the loss of transformer, the transformer for agricultural irrigation and other seasonal power in rural areas should be switched and adjusted in time according to seasonal changes. (5) Strengthen the management of power consumption within the enterprise to reduce the waste of power consumption. At present, the power supply departments, whether units or households, have more electrical equipment than other units in the society, and the electricity consumption also accounts for a considerable proportion. In order to improve the economic benefits of enterprises, we should strengthen the management of internal power consumption of enterprises. (6) Strengthen the management of self use electricity in the electricity management station. At present, all power supply stations have set up electric control stations, which have a wide range of electric control stations, large power consumption for daily life and heating, and have a great impact on the masses. In order to save electricity, all power supply stations should provide all electric control stations with stoves such as liquefied gas for cooking and coal stoves for heating, so as to reduce electricity consumption. (7) Continue to strengthen the management of high-voltage line loss. In order to strengthen the assessment management of high-voltage line loss in each power supply station (substation), the metering devices in the substation and distribution substation area are technically transformed to ensure the accuracy of assessment. (8) Strengthen business management, strengthen the post system of power consumption supervision, and reduce internal errors. In order to prevent power theft and illegal power use, all units are required to adhere to regular and irregular power use inspection. Users with large fluctuations in power consumption should regularly compare and analyze various reference quantities (output, output value, unit consumption, etc.) and deal with problems once they are found. In order to reduce the fluctuation rate of line loss of each line assessed by the company, all units are required to conduct synchronous meter reading in strict accordance with the date specified by the company. It is not allowed to change the meter reading time at will. It is required to go to the site for meter reading. It is strictly prohibited to estimate the meter reading, let alone missing meter reading

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