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Discussion on the image and publicity methods of the tobacco industry after the signing of the Convention (II)

III. The brand promotion characteristics and public image strategy of transnational tobacco companies

transnational tobacco companies were caught up in the anti smoking wave as early as the 1960s. With the strengthening of the government's control over the tobacco industry, especially the increasingly strict restrictions on tobacco advertising, promotion and sponsorship, Multinational tobacco companies have to find another way to promote their brands. For a long time, multinational tobaccocompanies have been implementing the brand strategy of high brand awareness, high market share, high market concentration and high sales volume of a few major brands, making every effort to create a popular brand image, injecting unique brand concept and cultural connotation, and relying on brand products to occupy the market and increase benefits

the advertising of transnational tobacco companies has the following characteristics:

1 choose the appropriate advertising form

transnational tobacco companies always determine their own advertising form according to the local political, economic, social and cultural environment. The most common way of foreign tobacco is to use sports or social public welfare activities to build momentum and seek market breakthrough

2 communicate ideas and life taste through advertising

the advertising appeal of transnational cigarettes is not to promote sales, but to cultivate brand loyalty. Unconsciously, it infiltrated its cigarette brand image by improving the convergence level of new materials in key areas such as Jinan Metropolitan Area and peninsula urban agglomeration

3 implement effective promotional activities

due to the restrictions on "direct advertising", multinational tobacco companies are considering creative ways to promote their products

the design and development of gifts and gifts is one of the main means for multinational tobacco companies to promote their brands and promote their products

make use of Zhiqing publicity to expand influence

the hidden business purpose of sponsoring sports events is to publicize the brand, highlight the power, and finally make great profits in the domestic and foreign markets

make great efforts to publicize their own brands through Hollywood "blockbusters" with great influence

according to the government report released by the U.S. government on june12,2003, the clean manufacturers in the cigarette system guarantee oil circuit have spent more than ever on product advertising and promotion

4 materialized brand, extended brand

when the tobacco brand is attached to cigarettes, it will be subject to various restrictions of laws and regulations. If the brand is properly extended, it can be promoted in a fair way. For example, in the United States, there is a materialized brand of "Marlboro", that is, Marlboro leisure clothing series, which makes it easy for "Marlboro" to enter the market

in addition to common clothing accessories, transnational tobacco has also actively entered emerging fields to seek new economic growth points

5 set up a good public image

in the Chinese market, British American Tobacco took the lead in launching the "sunflower" cup social public welfare activities, aiming at combating smoking among primary and secondary school students. This is in sharp contrast to bat's brand promotion activities in previous years

in order to get out of the dilemma, the three world tobacco giants, Philip Morris, British American Tobacco Company and Japan Tobacco International Corporation, also took the initiative to designate an international standard for tobacco product marketing to guide global market promotion activities, and took the initiative to regulate the global product promotion, market promotion, brand advertising and other behaviors of the tobacco industry

in 2002, Philip Morris Company put a warning message with "the light, ultralight, mild and medium marks marked on the cigarette box are not the actual nicotine and tar content you inhale" between all the cellophane cigarette boxes manufactured by the company. Philip Morris is is trying to educate smokers about the dangers of smoking

the above marketing strategies focus on different aspects. Some are to expand the market, some are to occupy the market, and some are to assist other marketing strategies to play a greater role. Therefore, in the specific application, various strategies are not separated from each other, but complement each other

6 open up new sales channels

multinational tobacco companies regard Internet as a new sales channel. For example, some companies in the United States began to set up tobacco auction stations to bring together tobacco farmers, agents, tobacconists and cigarette manufacturers for rapid and effective transactions. In terms of cigarettes, in the past few years, the United States has achieved great success in selling cigarettes through the Internet, with an average annual cigarette sales of 10billion US dollars

7 effective customer service

Philip Morris of the United States provides an independent form of online service, which makes it easier for these commercial retail convenience stores and small cigarette retailers to conduct business cooperation with their suppliers by providing small cigarette retailers with internet automation technology services that reduce costs and increase benefits with large retail companies

bat's network extends to business centers in more than 220 countries and regions in the world, providing a strong network service guarantee for the development of bat

8 collect market information

through modern information network resources, multinational tobacco companies can link product characteristics, customer opinions from different countries and regions, after-sales service, etc. with various marketing activities, carry out two-way interactive communication, and truly achieve the maximum effect pursued by the marketing mix

9 develop industries with high relevance and effective use of resources

for tobacco enterprises, selecting industries with high relevance to the tobacco industry can not only easily expand their core competitive advantages established in the main tobacco business to relevant business areas, but also improve their market competitive advantages in general, It can also help to change the situation that tobacco enterprises are vulnerable to attacks by all parties due to "smoking is harmful to health", and cultivate a good corporate image that is responsible for the society

Under the influence of the Framework Convention on tobacco control implemented by the World Health Organization, the advertising ban has made the traditional tobacco advertising business impossible in many countries. The reduction of tobacco advertising has seriously affected the profits of tobacco producers. Therefore, for cigarette packaging, the only land that can be advertised, despite the restrictions of health warnings, tobacco manufacturers will not give up easily. They make great efforts in cigarette packaging, and use the way of cigarette packaging to advertise their own cigarette products in order to get the maximum publicity effect

after the European Union banned the use of the words "light taste" and "soft" in cigarette packaging, many cigarette manufacturers began to use different colors as packaging signs to attract customers. As a result, tobacco companies use different colors as packaging signs in a circuitous way to attract customers

14 European Union countries stipulated that "the health warning slogans on the cigarette box must account for 30% of the front and 40% of the back of the cigarette box". Whether the communication line of the computer can be connected normally; After checking whether the USB hardware driver is normal in the equipment manager. The tobacco companies have ingenious ideas, and the humor on the cigarette boxes is emerging in endlessly. The funny slogans make the smokers laugh and become the laughing stock of the smokers after dinner

Mr. gov, the head of the public affairs department of Japan Tobacco Company, talked about the use of publicity expenses after the reduction of investment in tobacco advertising. He said that after the reduction of tobacco advertising expenses, Japan Tobacco Company has used this part of expenses to improve the quality of its products, improve the relationship with customers and consumers, and strive to create a good business environment. Of course, It also includes improving the packaging quality of the company's cigarette products. With the external living environment of the tobacco industry deteriorating, JTC will strive to make consumers and dealers satisfied and strive to achieve a win-win situation

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