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Research on the innovation methods of construction machinery products

1 research on market development and innovation in the era of planned economy, enterprises are just pure production departments. The products produced are exclusively sold by Shantou state, the enterprises have no or little market awareness, and the innovation power is insufficient, resulting in the products unchanged for decades. Under the market economy, the competition is becoming increasingly fierce. Enterprises can only survive by launching products accepted by the market. Therefore, enterprises must make great efforts to study and analyze the market, explore the market, obtain the demand information of new product development and old product transformation from the market and customers, and make product planning and carry out product innovation development and technological innovation research for products that do not meet the market competition and customer needs through technological innovation, so as to increase the strength, development stamina and competitiveness of enterprises. 2 resource innovation can meet the requirements of important projects such as high-speed rail. Capital, information and high-level talents are the basic guarantee for product innovation and development. The necessary funds are the guarantee for the development of scientific research and the industrialization of its achievements. We must adopt a variety of methods and measures to continuously increase investment in science and technology and focus on the capital needs of enterprises for technological development and the industrialization of their achievements. Market, technology, economy and laws and regulations are the source and basis of product innovation design. The global Internet and enterprise intranet are fast and effective ways to obtain information about product innovation and development. With the rapid development of science and technology and the emergence of new technologies, processes and products, modern information technology has become a booster to accelerate product innovation and development. Human resources (people and their organizations) are the key to product innovation design. We must take effective measures to give full play to the creativity of technical personnel, establish an employment mechanism to attract high-level technical personnel and let them play a core role in technical research and product development, and rationally use and cultivate high-level technical personnel from the strategic height of the long-term development of the enterprise. In order to achieve the short-term and long-term goals of the enterprise, establish corresponding technology development system (Organization), implement multi-level technology development, and have corresponding institutions to manage and evaluate the use of technology development funds and projects. 3 development means innovation the traditional product design methods are mostly imitation or experience design, and the design means are backward. The application of primary CAD is mainly in the aspects of computer drawing, drawing modification, list preparation, etc. it is normal to restart the machine after a period of time. However, modern design theories and methods such as 3D CAD design, finite element analysis, optimization design, reliability design, information and electronic technology are still rarely used in the design and development of construction machinery products, resulting in single varieties and obsolete structures, resulting in weak market competitiveness of products and low economic benefits of enterprises. Improving and strengthening the means of product development is an effective way to enhance the ability of technological innovation. The development and mature application of information and other high and new technologies have opened up an effective way for the innovation of enterprise product development means. The in-depth application of information technology represented by CAD technology in product development at any time will create a new product development mode - digital product design, which will bring comprehensive innovation in design concept, design method and organization form, and will usher in the modernization of engineering machinery product design. 4 innovation of development organization form with the support of information technology, the organization form of product development is developing towards concurrent design mode. The so-called concurrent design is to consider various relevant factors as early as possible in each process of product development. Concurrent design has changed the traditional serial working method, making it possible for manufacturing and marketing service personnel to intervene and exchange information with each other in the design stage, so as to avoid mistakes, avoid repetition and strengthen comprehensive coordination, so as to improve the quality of the whole process of product development (design/process/manufacturing/market/service), shorten the product development cycle and reduce the cost of the whole product life cycle. Concurrent design is an innovation of traditional product development organization, and is the inevitable product of fierce market information competition. The protection and utilization of intellectual property rights for enterprise product innovation and development is to apply and reflect its own proprietary technology, and protect the innovation achievements in the form of patents. Enterprises should have a strong awareness of patents in all links of new product development and technology research. When making decisions on the direction of technology development, we should widely understand the development trends of patents at home and abroad; When researching and developing new products, patent documents should be retrieved to improve the starting point of innovative development and ensure the advanced level of the project; In the process of research and development of new technologies and products, attention should be paid to technical confidentiality and timely application for patents to protect the intellectual property rights of enterprises; In the process of developing new products, new technologies (including patented technologies) shall be used to serve the enterprise. The level of "three modernizations" must be improved. Multi varieties and small batches are typical production organization forms of construction machinery. Therefore, in order to realize the industrialization of innovative technology and innovative products, we must improve the "three modernizations" level of innovative products. The "three modernizations" - standardization, serialization and modularization of construction machinery products can improve product quality, improve enterprise management level, reduce the types of parts and avoid repeated design. At the same time, it is conducive to process preparation, production management and parts manufacturing. It can effectively reduce costs and shorten the design and manufacturing cycle. It is of great practical significance for multi variety and small batch construction machinery products. 7. The innovation of test methods and means the fierce market competition requires that the performance and reliability tests of new products must change the backward mode of user tests in the past, and the bench tests and industrial reliability tests should be carefully carried out for the innovative achievements. Through the innovation of test methods and means, improve the independent innovation ability of enterprises, and improve the reliability and market competitiveness of products

in the process of the development of construction machinery, industrialized countries attach great importance to the industrial reliability test of products, set up and build various test stands and laboratories, not only carry out a number of test studies on the materials, strength, physical and chemical properties of various components, but also carry out application test studies and basic test studies on various performance, environment and new technologies from the system and the whole machine, For example, to make efforts to create a new situation of high-quality transformation and development in Huaibei, inject strong kinetic energy into the fatigue strength of structure, soil machine system, traction dynamics, electronic control technology, hydraulic and hydraulic transmission, ergonomics, vibration, environment and noise, energy conservation and other experimental research. The product is the leader of enterprise development. Therefore, to grasp product innovation is to grasp the lifeline of an enterprise, and the innovation ability of an enterprise is the key to success

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