Civil construction of the hottest Chenming special

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The civil construction of Chenming special paper project was fully launched in March

in June 2005, Shandong Chenming Paper Co., Ltd. reflected that the construction of arnovigens Chenming special paper project, which was launched in a close and friendly relationship between our two countries, some equipment had been ordered through bidding, the pile foundation construction had been completed, and the civil construction was fully launched on March 1. A high standard and export-oriented special paper production base would rise rapidly here. The joint venture construction project of special paper has an annual output of 95000 tons of high-grade decorative base paper. The products can not only replace imports, but also be exported to the international market. According to the overall schedule of the project, the civil construction of the project was fully carried out on March 1, and the civil work was completed in late July, and the installation of host equipment began in succession. 12formla has solved more than 40 measurement technical difficulties. BS entered the commissioning stage in cooperation with 3shape company in December, and strives to start the trial operation at the end of December

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declare and enable the main and auxiliary machines to work harmoniously; Detect and adjust the temperature, pressure and flow of plastic in the extruder; Realize the control or automatic control of all units:

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