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A chemical plant in Meili Industrial Park, Zhongwei City, Ningxia exploded and caught fire yesterday. The pictures were provided by Zhao Zhili, Zhang Xiangfeng and Yan Guanghua

at 7:57 on August 23, Ningxia Sanya Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Sanya Chemical Co., Ltd.) in Meili Industrial Park, Zhongwei City exploded and caused a fire; At 12:24, the fire was finally completely extinguished, but fortunately no casualties were caused

6 kilometers away, you can see the smoke of the fire

at about 10:00 on the same day, on the way to Zhongwei interview, polyester materials were used in baby hearing testing equipment. After receiving the report from the masses, you immediately rushed to the scene of the accident. Six kilometers away from Sanya chemical company, you can see the black smoke rising in the sky. Arriving in front of the company, I saw a 5-story yellow building in the factory constantly emitting thick smoke, an open fire on the first floor, the glass on the first to fifth floors of the building was shattered, four fire engines were parked on both sides of the road, and fire officers and soldiers were fighting nervously. A blue cordon has been set up at the gate of the company to prohibit outsiders from entering. Workers in blue overalls were sitting in groups across the road from the gate of the company. At the gate are vehicles from safety supervision, public security, environmental protection departments, insurance companies and other units

Fix the fire with pins to prevent secondary explosion. According to the firefighters of Zhongwei fire brigade, at 7:57 that day, the employees of the company immediately called the police after seeing the open fire. On the way to the scene, fire officers and soldiers exploded. At 8:35, after the firefighters arrived at the scene, after preliminary investigation, there were six aromatic hydrocarbon storage tanks on the scene, of which one tank exploded and the other three burned. Due to the melting of flange gaskets of No. 1, 2 and 3 storage tanks, a large amount of aromatic hydrocarbons leaked and formed a flowing fire, and the flanges were surrounded by the fire, so it was impossible to stop the leakage and extinguish the fire at the moment. In this case, the fire officers and soldiers adopted the tactics of "control first, then eliminate" to fight the fire. At 9:25, the fire was basically extinguished

surprisingly, the fire rekindled at 9:30. According to the survey, there are more than ten filler storage tanks in the building, which contain acidic water, trimethylbenzene, inert solid alumina and aromatics. The fire officers and soldiers immediately placed four foam pipe guns in the east of the building and two foam pipe guns in the west of the building to control the spread of flowing fire and prevent the tank at the sewage pool of the building from igniting. At the same time, two high-rise jet trucks are used to spray flapping at the ignition point to cool the tank and prevent secondary explosion. At 12:24, the fire was completely extinguished. At 13:16, the fire officers and soldiers, together with the company's engineers, wore chemical protective clothing and brought plugging tools to the scene to plug the leak

in order to put out the fire, the Zhongwei Fire detachment dispatched a total of 9 fire engines and 52 commanders and fighters. It is understood that the explosion caused most of the glass in the fire building of Sanya chemical company to be broken, and a can of aromatic raw materials to be burned. It is preliminarily estimated that the economic loss is about 50000 yuan

two safety accidents occurred in 8 days

it was learned that on August 15, Sanya chemical company was ordered to stop business for rectification by the relevant departments of Zhongwei city because of the fire caused by the improper treatment of raw materials in the recycling tank. At present, the company is still in the stage of equipment maintenance and trial operation. At the time of the explosion, the company's employees were still resting, so no casualties were caused. When the fire broke out, two employees happened to be out, and they immediately called the police when they found it. According to the relevant person in charge of the local safety supervision department, after the incident, the relevant leaders of Zhongwei municipal government came to the scene to direct the fire fighting. At the same time, the relevant departments of the city's safety supervision, public security, environmental protection, investment promotion and so on also rushed to the scene

after the incident, many departments preliminarily demonstrated the cause of the accident and believed that the fire was caused by the failure of the valve for controlling the air in the raw material tank, which caused the mixture of external oxygen and residual hydrogen in the tank, resulting in an explosion and igniting other raw material tanks. It is reported that the gas released by combustion will not have much impact on the environment. At present, the relevant departments of Zhongwei city have ordered the company to suspend business for rectification, and also output a sine voltage with the same frequency and phase as the synchronous signal. Some beer manufacturers aim at the variable load of plastic packaging materials as the synchronous signal, and ask experts to check the relevant equipment and process technology. The company can not be put into production until the safety supervision, fire protection and other relevant departments demonstrate and verify. (Li Ruihong, Wang Jingya)

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