CITIC heavy industry vigorously promotes strategic

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CITIC heavy industry vigorously promotes the strategic transformation into the development of savings. Such equipment is constantly favored by users everywhere

CITIC heavy industry vigorously promotes the strategic transformation into the development of savings

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in 2015, facing the complex macro economic situation at home and abroad and the more severe industry development environment, CITIC Heavy Industry Machinery Co., Ltd. adhered to the policy of "seeking progress in stability and innovative development", Adapt to the new normal, seek development through transformation, actively respond to various risks and challenges, withstand the impact of the market, maintain the orderly and stable operation of production and operation, and continue to maintain the leading profit indicators in the industry, which has accumulated a strong force for future development

-- marketing reform releases vitality. Implement the reform of marketing system, establish the marketing mode of large groups and small teams that adapt to the market, and form an operating mechanism of professional coordination, division of labor and responsibility, efficient decision-making and rapid response. In the case of continuous downturn in the market, Zijin mining, Tibet Tianyuan mining, Sinoma International, conch group, Hongshi group, Shenhua Group and other host products were signed, and Cambodia CMIC 5000 ton daily cement production line EPC package and other complete projects were signed, which effectively supported the total amount of production tasks

-- technological innovation leads development. With energy conservation and environmental protection and other strategic emerging industries as the key research and development direction, CITIC Heavy Industry has built 10 special research and development teams for key products, and has increased the research and development and industrialization process of new products and technologies. The national science and technology support plan project "organic medium low temperature waste heat power generation" passed the final acceptance; The project of "research and engineering demonstration of waste heat power generation technology of furnace cooled sintering machine" was included in the major science and technology special projects of Henan Province; Focusing on the research of large-scale stirred mill series equipment and process system, develop multiple series products and realize market orders for multiple sets; The general contracting Jinzhou Sange cement kiln collaborative treatment of urban domestic waste project has completed the assessment of reaching the standard and reaching the production capacity, and passed the acceptance at one time; The first domestic Hard Rock Roadheader with a diameter of 5 meters independently developed by the company attaches great importance to technology research and development and new product development for the first time, and the second time is the successful tunneling of the drinking water project of "introducing the cause into Luoyang"

CITIC Heavy Industries' high-end mining heavy equipment technology innovation project and the development and application of 12000 ton aviation aluminum alloy thick plate tension stretching equipment won the second prize of the national science and Technology Progress Award; The key technology of large lifting containers with an annual output of 10 million tons of coal mines and safe operation guarantee won the second prize of the National Technological Invention Award. The enterprise won the nomination award of the second China Quality Award, was awarded the national industrial design center, and was incorporated into the 2015 interconnection and industrial integration innovation pilot enterprise selected by the Ministry of industry and information technology

-- significant progress has been made in strategic transformation. The company continued to promote the transformation to high-tech enterprises, complete sets of service providers and international enterprises, and established Beijing Design and Research Institute and jointly built laboratories with the Institute of automation of the Chinese Academy of Sciences; CITIC Heavy Industry Yibin high-end electro-hydraulic intelligent control industrial base was put into operation, establishing the brand of CITIC Heavy Industry in the field of high-end variable frequency control, and forming a new business model of "core manufacturing + variable frequency drive + intelligent control + complete set of services"

-- build a special robot industrialization platform. With the help of the capital market, CITIC Heavy Industry Kaicheng Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. was merged and established to vigorously develop the special robot industry based on special working conditions and high-risk environments, and comprehensively enter the field of Underground Explosion-proof, lifting, control, rescue and other series of equipment

-- implement the national strategy of the "the Belt and Road". CITIC Heavy Industries makes full use of the dividends of new globalization, fully implements international standards and norms, and works with high-end customers at home and abroad to promote the implementation of the national strategy of the "the Belt and Road". The cement clinker production lines contracted in Cambodia, Myanmar, Dominica and other countries were successfully ignited; A number of major equipment projects have been signed or put into operation in succession, such as Chile copper, Sweden likuang, Brazil vale, Mongolia erdente, Laos fengsai group, Zijin Congo project, Tongling Nonferrous Ecuador, etc; The third production line of China Australia iron ore project will be commissioned with materials, and the project will be fully completed and put into operation soon

- "mass entrepreneurship and innovation" was "praised" by the premier. CITIC Heavy Industries used the maker space model and combined its own characteristics to build a maker team at four levels: first, it hired 18 chief technical experts to lead the formation of 18 technology maker teams; Second, five big craftsmen were employed, and 22 worker makers were established under this guidance; Third, an international maker team with well-known international experts as the core has been established overseas; Fourth, a number of social makers have been gathered through "Internet +". In 2015, the maker teams of the five big craftsman studios carried out 166 research projects, achieved 98 technological innovation achievements, and achieved 15.86 million yuan when 300KN was completed. The work of "mass entrepreneurship and innovation" has been highly praised by Premier Li Keqiang and has become a fresh sample of "mass entrepreneurship and innovation" of large state-owned enterprises

in 2016, the world economy will continue to recover weakly, and the downward pressure on the domestic economy is still large. Facing the severe economic situation at home and abroad, CITIC Heavy Industry will firmly grasp the important opportunities of the strategic concepts of "made in China 2025" and "the the Belt and Road", stabilize and optimize its main business, expand and strengthen the complete energy-saving and environmental protection industry, vigorously develop the manufacturing service industry, and strive to cultivate and expand frequency conversion automation. Machine users must regularly clean people, TBM hard rock boring machines, high-efficiency energy-saving and environmental protection, and waste heat power generation, Adhere to capital operation, realize value enhancement and benefit growth, ensure the completion of various business indicators, and achieve a good start to the development of the 13th five year plan

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