Cities in the east of the volcano have opened 1231

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All cities in Shandong Province will open "12319" within the year.

by the end of this year, all cities will open 12319, all cities (counties) will prepare and then "compress" the polymer matrix between carbon fiber composite layers to complete the disaster prevention and risk avoidance planning of urban green space system, and all cities in districts should prepare and complete the guidelines for the setting of urban road stalls. This is the information learned from Shandong Provincial Department of housing and urban rural development today

digital urban management system cannot be greedy for perfection

the provincial urban management work conference revealed that Shandong Province will comprehensively promote digital urban management and 12319 construction. According to the plan, coastal cities divided into districts should establish a digital urban management model by 2011, other inland cities divided into districts should be completed by 2012, and all county-level cities should be completed by 2013. Shandong Province stipulates that the construction and operation of digital urban management system must adhere to the government leadership, and cannot be undertaken by a single functional department. The construction of the system is due to p - the compressive strength of corrugated boxes (n); According to local conditions, the specific mode should be determined according to the area, population, layout, system and other factors of the city, rather than pursuing unity in form and seeking perfection. Digital platforms for county-level cities and counties can be built according to the city platform to save construction costs

in terms of 12319 service construction, all cities should ensure the opening of all services by the end of this year. The relevant person in charge of the Provincial Department of housing and urban rural development said that digital urban management is an active service for the government to actively identify and solve problems; However, 12319 service is a passive service system, and the masses have voices. Professional departments deal with it and then feed back to the masses. The functions of these two systems cannot be replaced by each other. All parts of Shandong Province will establish a closed-loop processing mode in which the information collected by digital urban management supervisors and the information collected by 12319 are managed, filed, disposed, supervised and evaluated together. In addition, in the selection of garden city, Habitat Award creation, harmonious urban and rural construction action and other industries, those who have not completed the digital city management system, have not opened 12319 urban construction services and are in normal operation will be subject to one vote veto

stop the occurrence of vicious events such as violent law enforcement

Shandong Province requires that all regions should strengthen the management of outdoor business stalls in urban areas. In conjunction with the public security department and other departments, we will formulate guidelines for the setup of urban road stalls and standardize the management of stalls. By the end of this year, all cities divided into districts should be prepared. The existing street stalls should be standardized in accordance with the principles of reasonable layout, convenience to citizens, tidiness and order, and standardized management, and the road sections, types of stalls, business hours, and cleaning requirements for the stalls should be clear, so as to provide good services for residents. Those who seriously interfere with traffic, affect the appearance of cities and towns, and have potential safety hazards shall be resolutely banned. In terms of stall operators, we should take care of unemployed workers, disabled people and other groups with difficulties. We will resolutely put an end to violent law enforcement and other vicious incidents. In addition, those who do not transport and dispose of construction waste without approval according to the specified time, route, quantity and place shall be seriously dealt with in accordance with the law

at the same time, try to turn construction waste into resources, and all localities should encourage the recycling of construction waste. Cities with conditions should learn from the practices of foreign advanced cities, organize and carry out the pilot of carbon fiber composite material market for waste classification and vehicle collection, which will reach 327.8 billion yen (about 17.1 billion yuan). After gaining experience, it will be promoted in urban built-up areas to promote waste reduction and recycling

Jinan's urban management experience is worth learning from throughout the province

the provincial urban management conference proposed that all cities should learn from the experience of Jinan and other cities to further establish and improve the urban management committee in fiscal year 2013. Urban management and law enforcement personnel shall be allocated in accordance with the requirements of "the number of city appearance and environmental health supervision and law enforcement personnel shall be three to five tenths of the urban population" in the labor quota for urban appearance and Environmental Health issued by the Ministry of housing and urban rural development

Shandong Province requires all regions to strengthen the disaster prevention and risk avoidance ability of urban green space, as an open space of the city, so that urban green space can be used as an important place for people to escape, evacuate or temporarily settle in the event of major disasters such as earthquake and fire, and it is an important part of the urban disaster prevention and reduction system. By the end of this year, all cities (counties) should prepare and complete the disaster prevention and risk avoidance plan of the urban green space system, and scientifically equip emergency water supply, power supply, sewage discharge, toilets and other necessary emergency risk avoidance facilities according to the planning requirements. Combined with the transformation and construction of urban road green space, build green evacuation routes. Jinan

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