Clamping force of precision electric three jaw chu

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Clamping force of precision electric three jaw chuck of machine tool

clamping force of precision electric three jaw chuck of machine tool

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the disc body of electric chuck adopts QT, the disc wire, gear, etc. adopt high-quality steel, adopt formal heat treatment method, and the bearings in the disc body adopt high-quality bearings, so as to ensure the performance of the product. It is suitable for general lathes, CNC machine tools and other automatic equipment. The machine tool precision electric three jaw chuck has strong clamping force. In the process of use, it also has the following characteristics:

1) fast clamping and reducing labor intensity. Compared with the manual chuck, the electric chuck can quickly clamp the workpiece by pressing the button, and the clamping force is stable and adjustable. Thus, the labor intensity is greatly reduced, and the section can not only replace part of the rubber about the labor cost

2) large clamping force, wide clamping range and stable performance. Compared with hydraulic and pneumatic products, the clamping range of this product can change with the internal and external diameter of the workpiece at will, and there is no limitation. It inherits the advantages of ordinary chucks. The clamping force is not affected by the changes of air pressure, oil temperature and environmental weather, which makes up for the shortcomings of pneumatic chuck and hydraulic chuck

3) simple structure and high cost performance. The electric chuck is composed of chuck, electrical control box, motor and transmission shaft. Easy and fast installation. A lifetime benefit from one-time investment, low failure rate and convenient maintenance

when using, we need to know that the installation of electric chuck can greatly improve production efficiency, reduce labor intensity and improve product quality. This product is composed of self centering electric chuck (two claws, three claws, four claws, six claws) drive motor, electrical control box and linkage shaft coupling. Step up the adjustment of the force, and adjust the current of the motor through the loaded electronic current relay, so as to achieve the adjustment of the holding force. This product can also be used with automatic packer, and its scope of application and versatility have been expanded

how to extend the service life of the electric chuck

the working principle of the electric chuck is to use the radial movement of the movable jaws evenly distributed on the chuck body to realize that new Dow will be the largest machine tool accessory for clamping and positioning the workpiece in the three spin off listed companies. It is mainly used for machine tool accessories. The electric chuck generates force through the conversion of voltage and wedge angle. In addition to the large clamping force, it also has super self-locking effect. Through the inspection and test of the national authority, the 3Mpa hydrostatic test chuck has a stable structure, and all parts are not damaged. In addition, it can still firmly clamp the workpiece for cutting in the environment of disconnecting the gas source, and completely handle the related problems of safety and reliability for customers, so it is widely supported. Electric chucks are produced with high-quality parts, closed structure, dust-proof function, and longer service life than manual chucks, which can maintain factory accuracy for a long time and reduce depreciation and loss

how to clean the electric chuck

after using the electric chuck for a long time, we must clean it. Only in this way can we ensure the normal operation of the machine, so how to clean it? Today, let me introduce to you: first unscrew the six M8 bolts on the outer circle of the chuck, then unscrew the three M8 screws at the rear end, use two M8 bolts, and use a copper rod with a diameter of 40 mm (A3 material is also acceptable) to drive the middle hexagon out. If you need to remove the disc wire, please hit the disc wire with a copper rod from the chuck slot until it is out. If you still don't understand, please go to the sales point designated by the company for consultation and maintenance. It is recommended that you clean the electric chuck once a month to ensure the normal use of the product

using an electric chuck, there is a pressure gauge on a C) oil pump to improve the production power, which can not only greatly reduce the rest intensity of workers, make your company become a model of caring for workers, but also add new highlights to the recruitment of company personnel and improve the competitiveness of commodity market. It can also improve the level of equipment and improve the overall abstraction of the company. It is the first choice for equipment improvement of super strength machine processing companies

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