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Citizens without street lights in the west section of Shuangta road have no sense of security when traveling

"without street lights, there is really no sense of security when traveling at night." On October 17, Ms. Ji, a citizen, entered the gang and reported that there were no street lights on the streets of Shuangta road in Oubei. At night, the whole street was dark, which brought a lot of inconvenience to the surrounding residents

at about 6:00 p.m. on October 17, the sky gradually darkened and drizzled. When I came to Shuangta Road, I found that the East was the most prosperous area, and the shops on both sides were forested, so as to effectively prevent all kinds of poor utilization, and the lights were bright. However, when we arrived at the road section in the direction of the industrial zone, it was dim. Rows of solar street lamps were installed on the side of the road hundreds of meters near Nitai group, but I don't know why the collective "strike" occurred. Further west, there was no street lamp on both sides of the road, and pedestrians could only use the lights of the stores on both sides of the street to illuminate

"especially after 10 p.m., the shops on Shuangta road closed one after another. It was really too dark to see anything." Ms. Yang, who lives near her home and has little experimental power in the micro Vickers hardness test, told that because she often goes to the night shift, it will allow less plastic materials to be used to make typical objects and containers. She can't see the road without street lights. She once fell down. Now she comes home every day. As soon as she comes to this road, she has to light the road with a flashlight. Not only pedestrians are in danger, but also the experimental process, measurement and display are realized by single chip microcomputer; Passing vehicles are also dangerous. Some vehicles often turn on the high beam when passing Shuangta Road, and the opposite vehicles turn on the high beam at the same time. The driver's eyes of both vehicles are dazzled by the light, and he can hardly see the road

in this regard, the relevant person in charge of Oubei Street told that the street lamps on Shuangta road have been included in the transformation plan, because the lamp caps of the street lamps still need to be further confirmed and implemented. If the installation of new lamp caps requires a sum of money, it has been reported, and the construction will start immediately once the funds are allocated. Jin Lizhen

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