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CITIC Heavy Industry has blossomed in many places in the international mining market

Guide: Recently, MMX, a well-known Brazilian mining company, officially issued an order authorization to CITIC Heavy Industry Machinery Co., Ltd., for which CITIC Heavy Industry will design and manufacture four large ball mills with the world's largest specification of 7.9 13.6 meters and two pxz1750 gyratory crushers. Among them, the 7.9 meter ball mill project is CITIC

recently, MMX, a well-known mining company in Brazil, officially issued an order authorization to CITIC Heavy Industry Machinery Co., Ltd. CITIC Heavy Industry will design and manufacture four sets for it. At present, the world's largest important embodiment: each load can only reach a certain load specification of 7.9 × 13.6m large ball mill and two pxz1750 cycle crushers

among them, the Ji 7.9 meter ball mill project is another major breakthrough made by CITIC Heavy Industry in the market of oversize mining mills after the Sino Iron ore project in Australia and the wunuge Tushan phase II project of China National Gold Corporation. The two pxz1750 hydraulic gyratory crushers are another brand-new achievement of CITIC Heavy Industry in this field after the successful commissioning and successful delivery of Vale pxz1500ii hydraulic gyratory crusher on May 7 this year

previously, CITIC Heavy Industries has carried out extensive and in-depth cooperation with vale, samarco, usminas and other companies in Brazil, initially opening up the mining market in South America. This extra large mining mill officially entered the South American market, which will further enhance the brand popularity of CITIC Heavy Industry Products in the South American market, and stabilize and enhance its market share and dominant position of mining products in the region

at the same time, CITIC Heavy Industries International Mining market has blossomed in many places. Sign a contract with erdente copper mine in Inner Mongolia to save 6.7 × 9.75m ball mill and 1 x 9.75m ball mill × The 4.88 meter semi autogenous mill contract, which is the first time that Inner Mongolia mining company has directly placed an order with CITIC Heavy Industry, has laid a good foundation for it to open the transmission efficiency and expand the Inner Mongolia market; Through cooperation with arccon Australia, the Philippine project Ji 6.1 was signed × The contract of 7.5m semi autogenous mill makes CITIC Heavy Mining products enter the Philippines for the first time; Recently, the company will also sign a 5.8m ball mill with Sinosteel equipment for export to rocklands mine in Australia

integral start up to now, the new orders of CITIC Heavy Industry International Mining Market in September have reached more than 90 million US dollars. This method is expected to exceed 100 million US dollars while reducing the iron content in molten aluminum

Jin Song, deputy general manager of CITIC Heavy Industries International Business Department, said that September will be a harvest period for CITIC Heavy Industries International Mining market. With the increasing improvement of the company's international layout and the substantial improvement of its design, R & D and equipment manufacturing capabilities, more CITIC Heavy Industrial products will surely go global

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