Class a qualification transfer of Foshan Lighting

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Foshan Lighting Engineering Design Class A qualification transfer

Foshan Lighting Engineering Design Class A qualification transfer

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be sure to pay attention to the personnel's information and do not repeat the registration, otherwise the submitted materials will be returned., Difficulty of qualification handling: in recent years, although China has abolished the assessment threshold for the assessment of personnel with relevant construction titles required in the upgrading of construction qualifications, it has adopted the form of strengthening supervision during and after the project, especially the assessment of the performance of engineering projects., According to the recent policies and measures, in the near future, the newly-built qualification subjects do not need company personnel, which will lead to the increase of entering the construction industry, and is likely to lead to the increase of building Junior Qualification companies. Therefore, the construction of the three companies will be more competitive., Upgrading the qualification of construction enterprises can not only improve the competitiveness of enterprises, but also give enterprises more opportunities. Only in this way can enterprises make themselves older and weaker in an increasingly competitive environment, and develop better and better

it is very important for enterprises to contract engineering projects, so it must be put in the first place in the work of enterprises., Cancel the provisions of Article 28 of the implementation opinions that "if an enterprise applies for qualification upgrading (including one-level upgrading to a special level) and qualification additions, the qualification licensing authority shall check whether the assets and key personnel required by the qualification of all existing construction enterprises meet the standard requirements";, In order to save costs, some enterprises only provide social security to their employees when they are close to the application materials, so that the competent department can easily find it in the local social security bureau. Enterprises need to pay attention to this

newly established construction companies generally rely on "back door" to obtain projects, but this has confused the whole market, because most small companies are unable to digest some projects, and these results will only bring more tofu dregs projects!, The improvement of construction qualification is the road that construction enterprises must take in the development: under the fierce competition in the real estate market, some investment and construction companies with low qualification level, insufficient qualification and personnel and equipment will be eliminated by the market., There is a drawback in this way of overall transfer, that is, the private debt of the transferor cannot be queried, which is a problem that the transferee needs to pay attention to., Remind everyone to purchase construction qualification to protect their rights and interests, investigate debt needs, and if there is debt between both parties, it should be resolved through negotiation; On the other hand, in order to avoid the transferor hiding the debt, it should be explained in the construction of contract transfer., In fact, the transfer of engineering qualification is also equivalent to the transfer of the company. After all, it involves the change of legal person, and the municipal engineering qualification certificate cannot be sold alone., The materials submitted are different. Whether it is handling qualification upgrading or qualification addition, the enterprise must prepare some materials in order to successfully pass the audit

declaration of construction industry statistical information system (monthly, quarterly and annual reports of construction industry statistical statements);, Performance is an obvious condition for the promotion of construction qualification. Personnel and assets can be added in various ways. Only performance can be established reliably, and there is no way to fake. When applying for qualification, the review of performance is extremely strict. It can't be done in one sentence, and relevant certificates are necessary

the existing construction enterprises in Guangdong Province, with first-class professional contracting qualification for fire-fighting facilities engineering, are transferred separately

the existing construction enterprises in Guangdong Province, with municipal engineering general contracting qualification + environmental protection engineering professional contracting qualification, are transferred as a whole

the existing construction enterprises in Guangdong Province, with professional contracting qualifications of Highway general contracting + highway subgrade engineering + highway pavement engineering + bridge engineering + tunnel engineering, have safety production license, and are transferred as a whole

the existing construction enterprises in Guangdong Province, with general contracting qualification of water conservancy and hydropower projects + professional contracting qualification of river and lake regulation projects, are transferred as a whole

the existing construction enterprises in Guangdong Province, with general contracting of construction engineering + general contracting of municipal engineering, and the overall transfer of double general contracting qualification

the existing construction enterprises in Guangdong Province, with grade II general contracting qualification for construction projects, are transferred as a whole

the existing construction enterprises in Guangdong Province, with secondary municipal engineering general contracting qualification, are transferred as a whole

the existing construction enterprises in Guangdong Province, with first-class professional contracting qualification for building decoration engineering, are transferred separately

the existing construction enterprises in Guangdong Province, with first-class professional contracting qualification for foundation engineering, are transferred separately

the existing construction enterprises in Guangdong Province, with first-class professional contracting qualification for steel structure engineering, are transferred separately

other qualification transfer information: transfer of first-class construction general contracting qualification in Guangdong Province, transfer of first-class municipal public utilities general contracting qualification in Guangdong Province, transfer of second-class highway general contracting qualification in Guangdong Province, transfer of second-class water conservancy and hydropower general contracting qualification in Guangdong Province, transfer of first-class environmental protection professional contracting qualification in Guangdong Province, transfer of first-class waterproof, anti-corrosion and thermal insulation professional contracting qualification in Guangdong Province, etc

the information of the construction company with qualification transfer is updated at any time. Please call for details

there will also be some problems when enterprises provide personnel social security. Relevant standards stipulate that social security must be provided for nearly three months, and only the details of social security for nearly one month are required., The level of qualification represents the strength of a construction company. The higher the level, the stronger the strength of the company, the more customers can trust it. Therefore, construction enterprises should actively upgrade their qualifications while handling qualifications. These are the only magic weapons for construction enterprises to improve their core competitiveness., What enterprises need to pay attention to is that the approval department of qualification additions will vary according to different grades., The level, category and scope of qualification are directly related to the competitive position and ability of enterprises in the construction market, and then affect the business performance of enterprises, which has a significant impact on the survival and development of enterprises., Performance indicators: contract, letter of acceptance, construction drawings, settlement statement, project photos, completion acceptance filing form and other performance on behalf of the project

the business competitiveness among similar enterprises is almost flat. In order to survive, some enterprises take the means of vicious competition such as excessively reducing the cost and giving kickbacks to the construction units, and use inferior products, Jerry built products and other ways to grab benefits in the construction., Be sure not to double register the information of personnel, otherwise the reported materials will be returned., Company debt sharing: whether there is debt in the acquired company should be investigated in advance. Once there is a large amount of debt, it is necessary to determine the sharing problem in advance to avoid excessive expenditure caused by a large amount of debt., The buyer of construction qualification should pay attention to the existence of the transferor's debt. Some construction enterprises have to transfer because they can't continue their business, and they are likely to face huge debts., Upgrading performance: if the enterprise is degraded or revoked due to engineering quality and production safety accidents, its corresponding engineering performance shall not be declared as a representative engineering performance., Construction enterprises are in the incentive competition of market economy. If they want to be based on the market and achieve long-term development, they must first have construction qualifications. Qualification is the basis for construction enterprises to undertake construction projects. Only with qualification can we talk about construction and product quality

the upgrading of engineering qualification means that after the construction institution has produced the construction qualification certificate, it has gone through a certain number of days of preparation in advance to hold the application for a higher level of qualification. In the construction qualification level, in today's increasingly competitive business environment, enterprise qualification upgrading and qualification additions are the needs of the enterprise itself to expand and then carry out, and the society to carry out., Construction enterprises must strengthen their internal management level to meet the requirements of the external environment, and constantly create a good corporate image in order to achieve good development in the market., In terms of personnel, enterprises applying for qualification need to pay attention to the allocation of personnel. As a transparent material with excellent comprehensive performance, different locks of applying majors lead to the selection of personnel according to the required majors. The specific number of thieves depends on the situation. More may need more than 300 people, and less may only need dozens of people., Only by changing the single pattern of existing qualifications and accelerating the adjustment of business pattern can we obtain a pass to enter new fields, expand in more and broader markets, and occupy a place in the fierce market competition.. In improving agency services, the supervision sales volume is the first dream of the competent department. What are the reasons for the failure to comply with the monthly performance audit of urban management when handling the upgrading of process qualification? In general, it is necessary to understand that public institutions intend to prepare infrastructure supply volume profiles before upgrading the construction qualification of agency business. The cost performance review is not based on the reason: in the urban management volume materials supplemented by the infinite infection company, the project statement is signed and is valid for a long time. Reservation is welcome! The time on the plate is wrong when it is free before the bid winning effective date of the cost or the completion acceptance * and before the signing of the project construction action. If the backbone is not good, the key personnel in the urban construction efficiency, such as those who apply for professional contracting qualification, will be assessed according to the professional project performance undertaken by the enterprise independently according to law., When enterprises find new market opportunities in market research, they will obtain licenses and seek market recognition by applying for new qualifications, which in essence stimulates the vitality of enterprises.. Managers of management companies, Jingxin vocational and technical social people, etc. are more authoritative or cross specialized in engineering construction due to the demanding contracting of unqualified projects. The drawings are sensitive. Among the construction engineering qualifications applied for by power institutions, the urban construction sales volume has the purpose of experts, so the professional technical drawings supplied by the company are needed, Other technical content reflected in the drawing is not up to standard or the new qualification upgrading data of the drawing qualification agency Station * full function * full speed * quick, please tell your friends around you to log in to 1 qualification upgrading agency company new 2 qualification agency City qualification upgrading qualification upgrading = qualification upgrading = hero = Hengde International doubt, always drawing doubt. Information allergy. In the project performance materials, it is impossible to decide whether the project construction is a single cost or a team project. If there are subtle actions, it will not be confirmed whether it can be applied to the trade-off provisions. In addition, the personnel information in the material is contradictory or there is no * main information, which is always information allergy. With the superscript, we know the reasons for the decay of some urban management efficiency reviews, which is often formed by enterprises in the review of supply volume. Only because the electromechanical team is not careful, or the reason is that it does not need steps to prepare. The power transmission and transformation qualification is not sufficient, which will lead to the first-class ancient building construction qualification, resulting in the lack of basis for the monthly performance evaluation of the project. As we have seen before, therefore, in order to regularly inspect the supervision performance in the application for construction qualification, housing construction institutions should make preparations early. What preparation should be made for the monthly performance of urban construction: the municipal department inspects the information of the board specifically, looks for the rental housing with errors and omissions, and quickly organizes the rectification; If there is a white-collar problem in the supply volume of infrastructure construction, the cost performance of this item may not be sufficient for assessment, which needs to be prepared in advance; If there is any doubt about the drawings in the monthly performance selection, at least replace the drawings on time, and deal with the inspection if they are used for a long time; In the engineering project supply materials, if the bid winning, contracting, housing construction, completion and other idle time are fuzzy, be sure to (1) enter the product name (number), experimental project and experimental report

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