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The long-standing delay in the construction of Beijing printing city is probably not the only one. First, the origin of Beijing Printing City [Note 1] is the beginning of the article. The author first summarizes the memorabilia of Beijing Printing City as follows:

(1) in the fierce competition in the Beijing printing market, Yao song, general manager of Dingjia Genesis investment company [Note: hereinafter referred to as Dingjia printing], realized that blindly relying on the investment expansion of fixed assets is not the way, Also do not want to take a small and comprehensive road, afraid of losing one

(2) the running time of the top extension servo valve is good. The printing closes the binding workshop, sells the binding equipment, focuses on printing, and establishes a cooperative relationship with post press enterprises. However, it is found that factors such as logistics and transportation, quality control and so on cannot achieve the ideal of efficient operation

(3) Dingjia printing visited East China, South China and Hong Kong, and had a concept of printing city. Yao song realized that there was no real printing city built in Beijing

(4) Dingjia printing first started the pilot of small printing ecosystem in 30 mu of industrial land and 10000 square meters of standard factory buildings: there are various printing cooperation units in the hospital, including dormitory, canteen, property and other supporting departments, including 13 projects of 100 million to 500 million yuan, which are independent and cooperative among units

(5) the pilot effect is satisfactory. Dingjia Printing Co., Ltd. chose Xihongmen Town in Daxing to build Beijing Printing City Industrial Zone in 2005, with a planned investment of 437 million yuan, covering an area of 500 mu and a construction area of 280000 square meters. The reasons for choosing Xihongmen Town in Daxing are: 1) there are Publishing Logistics Industrial Park and Yizhuang national economic and Technological Development Zone around, and there are many printing related enterprises; 2) The transportation is convenient. The printing city is located between the Zhiyuan West Bridge on the Fifth Ring Road and the porcelain Gezhuang bridge on the Sixth Ring Road, 1.2 kilometers away from the south central axis road. From the central axis road, you can go straight north, passing through the Fifth Ring Road, the Fourth Ring Road, the Third Ring Road and the second ring road

(6) in 2006, Yao song presented the concept of printing city at the Council of Beijing Printing Association in the first half of 2006 and the printing industry association of five provinces and cities in North China

(7) in January 2007, the Spring Festival press conference of Beijing Printing City pilot base was held, saying that Beijing printing city will start construction in the summer of this year

(8) April 13, 2007: Dingjia printing invited the design, profit supervision, steel construction, civil engineering and other construction units of Beijing printing city to demonstrate the planning and functional assumption of Beijing Printing City

II. Beijing Printing City postponed the start of construction

as early as January 2007, at the Spring Festival press conference of Beijing Printing City pilot base [Note: also known as Beijing Printing City] held by Dingjia printing in Xihongmen Town, Daxing, the organizers announced that after more than two years of land acquisition, research and planning, the preliminary work of Beijing Printing City has been completed, and the first phase of the project is planned to start in the summer of 2007

in fact, according to the author, the Beijing Printing City did not start construction during the year. A staff member of Dingjia printing said that various procedures of the Beijing printing city had been completed, and there were two main reasons why it did not start construction: first, last year and this year were the Olympic sprint year, various projects were launched one after another, and the price of construction materials was at a high point. Second, 2008 is the Olympic year. The main construction projects in the capital are basically completed, and other projects will also be at a standstill. Therefore, the best starting point will be to start construction in next three years. It is also inappropriate to start construction in winter this year. Due to the low temperature and the increase of wind and snow weather in winter, it is the prone period of various construction accidents. The staff member also said that at present, there are already printing enterprises including business and books and periodicals that have the intention to settle in

III. postponement of Construction: the plan is not as fast as change.

a 2006 data shows that various districts and counties in Beijing, such as Shunyi, Huairou, Daxing, Tongzhou, Changping, Miyun and other districts, are preparing to build printing and packaging bases. Press conferences, media publicity, forum and conference publicity are staged one after another. When we enter 2007, this enthusiasm is still not over, On March 20, 2007, Daxing news [Note: Daxing is a district of Beijing] reported that marked by the settlement of Beijing international printing and packaging industry base with a total investment of 160million yuan by Artus (Beijing) printing and packaging Co., Ltd. [Note 2], the base has attracted 20 domestic and foreign printing and packaging enterprises and related industrial institutions, with a total investment of 2billion yuan

another printing company to be built in Beijing has given a lot of technical solution packaging bases. A project staff revealed to the author that the reason why the base has not started construction is that its primary development procedures have been basically completed, and it is waiting for the land of the land reserve center to be listed. Once it is listed, it can be obtained by bidding. Get the land and start work [Note 3]. This may also be the real reason why the base faded out of publicity in 2007

maybe we can ask why some printing cities postpone the start of construction? Obviously, we can only answer in this way: the plan does not seem to be as fast as change. The word change is rich in factors such as policy, cost, timing and so on

[note 3]: in real estate development, land cannot be listed without six supplies and one leveling or nine supplies and one leveling. "Six connections and one leveling" refers to the access road outside the red line of the parcel, power supply, water supply, drainage, communication, ventilation and the internal leveling of the parcel. The understanding of "nine connections and one leveling" varies from place to place. Some understand it as water supply, drainage, roads, electricity, heat, gas, cable TV, broadband, etc

background information:

[Note 1] Beijing Printing City

Project Overview: Beijing Printing City focuses on forming a printing industry chain, forming a socialized printing production and service system, and the settlement of printing enterprises and related upstream and downstream enterprises. The industrial production system of the printing city is composed of three subsystems: prepress, printing and post printing, which is the core link of the industrial chain. The key of the production system is collaboration. For example, the process that an enterprise is not good at can be handed over to the enterprise that is best at the process. Or once an enterprise cannot complete some processes in a short time, it can be divided into multiple enterprises to complete them together. The relationship between enterprises is more like the collaborative relationship between workshops. In the city, the single scale economy and the overall scale economy are combined, and the single competitiveness and the overall competitiveness are combined. Without paying more investment, enterprises can use the resources of industrial clusters to drive their own development, obtain greater cost advantages and service advantages, and have stronger competitiveness and vitality. This is the truth of 1 + 12. (Note: the above information is from Beijing Printing City station.)

supporting unit: Beijing Printing Association supports Beijing Printing City as a project guidance unit, using its own resource advantages and business capabilities to guide the city's project preparation, project planning and design demonstration, and project construction. After the project is put into operation, Beijing Printing Association will coach and manage as a pilot of the printing industry in Beijing

investor background: it is understood that Dingjia, the investor of Beijing Printing City, is not a registered group company, but it is a cultural industry cluster interconnected by Dingjia Genesis investment company, Jiuyang century advertising company, Dingjia century printing company, CASS technology, Zhida and other units. Its business can be involved in industrial real estate development, television media agency, advertising design planning Printing production and online video transmission

[note 2] comprehensive data processing: Beijing international printing and packaging industry base, including 110 hectares of industrial land, 20 hectares of public facilities, 1.38 million square meters of residential land, with an overall planning of 320 hectares, has invested 400million yuan, and the infrastructure has reached ten supplies and one leveling, including 110kV substation, natural gas regulator station and other infrastructure With 310000 square meters of municipal roads and 12.5 kilometers of various pipelines, Henan Publishing Group including printing plants, Peking University Press including printing plants, Beijing hanglilian Technology Development Co., Ltd., a packaging and special packaging enterprise, and other representative enterprises are now attracted to settle in the base. More than a dozen well-known printing and packaging enterprises and related industrial institutions at home and abroad have settled in the base, with a total investment of nearly 2billion yuan

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