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August 2 plastic market forecast

U.S. President trump said he would impose a 10% tariff on $300billion worth of Chinese imports from September 1. The protracted trade war between the world's two largest economies triggered concerns about oil demand. On the 1st, international oil prices rose, and WTI crude oil futures fell $4.63, or 7.9%, to $53.95 a barrel. Brent crude oil futures fell $4.55 to close at $60.50 a barrel

[Market Overview and forecast]

● PE market: yesterday's market price was mainly slightly sorted out, and the linear futures fluctuated in the intraday, which made it difficult to have a clear guide to the market. At the beginning of the month, merchants were cautious, mostly waiting for the ex factory price of PetroChina and petrochemical, and their enthusiasm for real-time operation was not high. Downstream factories mostly chose low-priced sources of goods to purchase in an appropriate amount. Market quotations around the country were referred to: Suzhou market quotation sorting, Yangba reported 2426h yuan/ton, The offer in Chengdu market is stable, and the offer in Sichuan Chemical 7042 is 7750 yuan/ton. The offer in Dongguan market is loose, and Fushun 7042n is tax-free yuan/ton

today's forecast: it is expected that the market will maintain an consolidation pattern today

● PP Market: yesterday, the market adjusted in a narrow range, and polypropylene futures fluctuated slightly, which did not play a significant role in guiding the market. Some companies of PetroChina and petrochemical adjusted the ex factory price according to their own source of goods. The traders shipped step by step, and the downstream waited and waited for an appropriate amount of goods to replenish their positions. The solid price can be negotiated. For the reference of market prices around the world: narrow consolidation in Nanjing market, Fuji S1003 reported 8750 yuan/ton, and Ningbo market was in a stalemate, Ningbo Fude T30S was reported at 8750 yuan/ton, Guangzhou market was mixed, and Ningxia Shenhua Ningmei 2500h was reported at 8800 yuan/ton

today's forecast: it is expected that the market will be stable and small today

● PVC Market: yesterday, the market was weak, and only a few manufacturers reduced slightly. Merchants are mainly cautious about accompanying shipments. The actual transaction is still profitable, and the transaction has not been significantly improved. There are not many downstream inquiries, and the actual transaction is still weak. Market reference: the PVC market offer of Qilu Chemical City was weak and volatile, and the Qilu S1000 was reported at about 6910 yuan/ton; There is little change in the quotation of PVC market in Guangzhou, with 6830 yuan/ton for Sanlian 5 type; Changzhou PVC market continued to be weak, with Jintai 6750 yuan/ton; The PVC market in Shantou has been reduced by a narrow margin. The mainstream quotation of type 5 has gradually replaced ordinary plastics and other materials in high-performance and new functional modified plastics, and has been widely used in household appliances, office equipment, automobiles, mechanical and chemical industries, etc. 0 yuan/ton

today's forecast: it is expected that the market price will be weak today

● PS Market: part of the market fell slightly yesterday, with poor trading. Recently, styrene monomer fell, and there is still no bright spot in the market. The pressure of taking goods is still on, but the impact of the cost of holding goods by traders may not be large at the beginning of the month. The market may be in a stalemate, and the actual order will be negotiated. Merchants are cautious and short, paying more attention to upstream and petrochemical developments. Quotation reference: Shunde PS market quotation fell narrowly, pg33 reported 9400 yuan/ton; The quotation of Dongguan PS market fell steadily, with guang525 quoted 8800 yuan/ton; Some quotations in Ningbo PS market fell, and CITIC 525 reported 9400 yuan/ton

today's forecast: it is expected that today's market will remain stable and weak

● ABS market: the market atmosphere was light yesterday, and some continued to decline. The trend of upstream styrene was weak, and the market quotation fell. At the same time, the wait-and-see atmosphere in the downstream is strong, maintaining the rigid demand for goods, and the spot transaction speed is slow. Quotation reference: Dongguan ABS market quotation was stabilized and consolidated, with 757 up 80 yuan to 11830 yuan/ton; The quotation of ABS market in Ningbo is stable and small, and 0215a is quoted at 11550 yuan/ton; The quotation of Yuyao ABS market fell slightly, and 0215a was reported at 11700 yuan/ton

today's forecast: it is expected that today's market will decline partially

● PET bottle chip Market: yesterday, the market price was steadily sorted out, and the upstream PTA futures fell slightly, which was bad. However, the bottle chip enterprises maintained the factory price stability, strengthened the cooperation with relevant departments, and cooperated with traders to operate flexibly with a firm offer. The downstream mentality was mild, and it was mainly to buy on demand. Reference to the market conditions of various places: the water bottle material in North China market was self picked up at yuan/ton, and the water bottle material in East China market was at yuan/ton

today's forecast: it is expected that the market price will not fluctuate much today

● pet scrap recycling 3. Tensile testing machine with other driving methods: control the production market through DC motor: early review of pet scrap recycling: yesterday's market price was sideways sorted out. Although summer came, the supply of wool bottles did not increase significantly as expected. The supply of recycled bottle chips was general. The owners' willingness to take the initiative to ship goods was not high. The chemical fiber factory maintained the operation strategy of purchasing on demand, and there was little willingness to replenish warehouses in large quantities, Market price reference: machine white film in East China market is RMB/ton

if today's fixture is divided by structure, daily forecast: it is expected that today's market will have limited changes

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