The hottest in Europe, the price of ethyl acetate

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The price of ethyl acetate in Europe rose by 5%-6% in August

it is reported that the price of ethyl acetate in Europe (EtAc) rose at a faster rate in August than in other months of this year, with an increase of 5% to 6%, according to ICIS data. The European ethyl acetate Market is relatively stable, but the price fluctuates greatly. Users who need to buy high and low temperature impact testing machines in August hope to find a reliable manufacturer of high and low temperature impact testing machines. The spot price of ethyl acetate is EUR/ton (about US $1, 200/ton) FD northwest Europe, which is 50 EUR/ton higher than that of EUR/ton spring tension compression fatigue testing machine at the end of July. What are the functional characteristics of the equipment? FD northwest Europe. Mainly because the contract price of raw material ethylene rose by 140 euros/ton in August, and the price rise in the foreign ethanol market led to the price rise driven by local and imported producers

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