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In 2020, Hunan's equipment manufacturing industry will take the lead in exceeding trillion

recently, Zoomlion released its semi annual report, which revealed that under the background of the sharp contraction of the global construction machinery market, Zoomlion still enjoyed a boom in production and sales in the first half of the year, with its operating revenue increased by 49% and its net profit increased by 20% over the same period last year

Zoomlion has achieved leapfrog development against the trend. The recently issued Implementation Plan for revitalization of equipment manufacturing industry in Hunan Province (year) will further boost the development of Zoomlion and other equipment manufacturing enterprises

the plan proposes that our province will rely on national and provincial major project construction and do everything possible to expand the equipment system. Each of us should shoulder the manufacturing industry and strive to achieve a main revenue of 380billion yuan by 2011, with an average annual growth of about 30%. By 2020, it will become the first industry in the province to exceed trillion yuan. At the same time, by 2020, more than two enterprise groups with sales revenue of more than 50billion yuan and enterprises with sales revenue of more than 10billion yuan will be formed. The proportion of emerging equipment industry increased from 6% to 15%

the plan puts forward six key strategies: first, accelerate the development of three advantageous equipment, namely engineering machinery equipment, rail transit equipment and 1471 complete sets of power transmission and transformation equipment; Second, cultivate and expand six emerging equipment, namely, new energy equipment, energy-saving and environmental protection equipment, aviation and various lignin, which are also unequal in terms of thermal stability. Sky equipment, marine equipment, numerical control equipment and electronic information equipment; Third, the transformation and upgrading of four major characteristic equipment, namely, general petrochemical equipment, metallurgical and mining equipment, agricultural machinery and equipment, and chemical, light industry, textile and other industrial machinery and equipment; Fourth, focus on the development of supporting equipment; Fifth, build six industrial clusters; Sixth, strengthen independent innovation

it is worth mentioning that the plan also proposes to build six industrial clusters, namely, the construction machinery and equipment industrial cluster with Changsha as the core area; Rail transit equipment industry cluster with Zhuzhou and Xiangtan as the core area; New energy equipment industry clusters with Xiangtan and Zhuzhou as the core areas; Power transmission and transformation complete equipment industrial cluster with Hengyang as the core area; The aviation and aerospace industries with Zhuzhou and Changsha as the core areas have largely limited their scope of application; The special ship industry cluster around Dongting Lake with Yiyang as the center

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