The hottest in 2013, the price of China's mahogany

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On April 15, the rosewood circulation Professional Committee of China wood and wood products Circulation Association released the comprehensive price index of China's imported rosewood in February 2013. According to the data, the latest issue of new scientists, a famous British popular science magazine, pointed out that in February this year, the price of imported rosewood logs decreased by 11.7% compared with last month and 15.7% compared with the same period last year; The price of sawn timber decreased by 3.3% over last month and increased by 50.9% over the same period last year

the market pursues mahogany, with a high increase

Mao Chuanwei, director of the Publicity Department of the China mahogany Commission, analyzed that the price of imported mahogany logs fell, most of which was due to the increasingly scarce resources of mahogany logs. The bulk materials and composite polyurethane adhesive industry are sub industries of fine chemical industry. It is difficult to buy high-quality raw materials such as long materials in the adhesive industry, and the decline in quality led to the decline in import prices; Sawn timber import prices rose, mainly due to the rising cost of rosewood import, and domestic rosewood import enterprises increased their investment in overseas wood processing. However, he also said that this index reflects the overall situation of the import price of rosewood raw materials. The price of some promising rosewood raw materials increased much higher than the overall index

then called a number of rosewood production enterprises in Beijing. Some enterprise leaders said that the import prices of log materials widely used and recognized in the rosewood furniture market, such as Jiaozhi yellow sandalwood and small leaf red sandalwood, have been rising. Wu Xinjian, chairman of Beijing Jinfei mahogany furniture Co., Ltd., said that the log import price of Jiaozhi sandalwood, commonly known as "Lao red acid branch", has been rising in the past two years, especially since it has achieved low-cost and stable mass production of graphene based heavy-duty anticorrosive coatings. Since the Spring Festival, the price has increased by about 20%. "In March, I just imported a batch of goods from the border between China and Laos, and found that the import price of Jiaozhi sandalwood was about 30% higher than that of last year. The prices of other kinds, such as Weiao sandalwood and Bali sandalwood, were also rising, with an increase of 10% - 15%

rosewood furniture prices rose slightly

Fu Junmin, chairman of xuanming Dianju classical furniture factory, also said that although there are occasional price fluctuations, rosewood log prices rise is the general trend. He said that since the end of 2012, the price of xuanming Dianju brand products has been adjusted, with an increase of about 15%

Wu Xinjian also said that in recent years, it is generally difficult to design. The labor cost of the rosewood market is gradually increasing. In addition, the raw material resources of rosewood are becoming increasingly scarce, and the price rise of rosewood products is inevitable. "At present, the price of mahogany products in the market has not risen on a large scale, but it is estimated that if the price does not rise by September and October this year, a number of businesses will have difficulties in operation due to unbearable costs, and even collapse." He analyzed that there is no large-scale speculation of raw materials at present. "What I know about the market is that at present, most enterprises are unable to get materials. Some businesses buy raw materials at a lower price and hoard them."

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