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In 2018, the overall growth rate of the domestic aerial work platform industry was close to 50%, and the boom demand was significantly accelerated

in 2018, the overall growth rate of the domestic aerial work platform industry was close to 50%, and the boom demand was significantly accelerated

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in recent years, benefiting from the global economic recovery, the aerial work platform industry has accelerated the pace of development, whether in relatively mature European and American markets or emerging Chinese markets, Both are advancing in opportunities and challenges

China's aerial work platform started late, the industry is in the early stage of development, and the popularity of products is low. However, with the increase of labor costs and the gradual improvement of market requirements for construction efficiency, aerial work platforms are gradually recognized by customers, which is expected to replace forklifts and traditional scaffolds. The aerial work platform market has made great progress, and the market demand is increasing. According to estimates, the number of aerial work platforms in China in 2017 was less than 40000, and it is expected to exceed 126000 by 2020, with broad growth space

most domestic aerial work platform manufacturers are small-scale, and their products are mostly concentrated in the fields below the medium and high end. Accessinternational data shows that only three enterprises in China, Zhejiang Dingli, Hunan Xingbang and Jiangsu Meitong, have entered the top 35 aerial work platforms in the world. From the perspective of equipment brands purchased by lessors. 5. Accumulators: some electro-hydraulic servo experimental machines are equipped with accumulators. Foreign brands have obvious advantages in the arm equipment market, while domestic brands have further increased their share in the shear fork equipment market

in 2018, the growth rate of domestic aerial work platform industry was close to 50%. Dingli company performed much better than the industry as a whole, mainly benefiting from the company's greatly deepened cooperation with large leasing companies, which is also the inevitable trend of industry development. In view of the rapid growth of the domestic aerial work platform industry, it is expected that the domestic revenue share of the company is expected to further increase in 2019

in terms of product categories, the total investment of scissors is 600million yuan, and the revenue of fork type, mast type and arm type increased by 50.32%, 4.98% and 103.22% year-on-year respectively. According to the annual report, the company's mast type aerial work platform is mainly supplied to American supermarkets and will remain stable in the future. The main force of growth is in scissor and arm products. The growth rate of domestic arm demand has accelerated significantly since 2018. It is expected that the company's arm growth rate will be the brightest in the next three years

at present, the product structure of domestic leasing companies is mainly scissor type, but with the development of the industry and the diversification of construction scenarios, the demand for arm type products is gradually increasing. The sales volume of arm type products of the company in 2018 increased by 98.55% over last year, and it is expected that it will be higher than scissor type in the next three years; At present, the time point of the launch of the high-end arm type just caters to the market, and it is expected to achieve rapid promotion in the world, so that China will take corresponding measures to enter the growth rate to a new level

at present, the coverage rate of domestic high-altitude operation platform lessors remains the first. In terms of overseas market, the company's products have successfully entered the three high-end mainstream markets of the United States, Germany and Japan, and are exported to more than 80 countries and regions around the world. The company is the only enterprise in China that has been ranked among the top 10 global high-altitude equipment manufacturers for two consecutive years

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