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In 2013, Fujian will cultivate a value of 100 billion IOT

the action plan for accelerating the development of IOT in Fujian Province (year) recently issued by the general office of the Fujian provincial government proposed that by 2015, Fujian Province will focus on cultivating more than 15 biodegradable plastics, leading IOT application service providers, high-end sensor and networking equipment manufacturers in the country in the field of segmentation, and more than 1 leading enterprise with a sales revenue of more than 10 billion yuan based on IOT, Improve the IOT industrial system and form an industrial scale of 100 billion yuan. Analysts pointed out that local companies such as new world, Furi Electronics and Xiamen Xinda are expected to take the lead in benefiting

the "Action Party should tighten in time; the case" puts forward five key tasks, mainly including the construction of demonstration areas, industrial application demonstration, industrial agglomeration, core technology research and development, standard system construction, etc. Focus on promoting the construction of IOT demonstration areas in Nanping, Pingtan, Gulou, Mawei, etc., summarize experience in a timely manner and promote it to the whole province, and start the construction of new demonstration areas in a timely manner. Accelerate the R & D and innovation of key technologies in five fields, including information identification, sensing, short-range wireless communication, system integration and information intelligent processing, focus on accelerating the R & D of RFID, QR code chip technology and related production processes and equipment, and promote the high integration and mass production of information identification modules. Vigorously support the development of IOT professional services and value-added services that are conducive to expanding market demand, and promote the marketization of application services; Encourage and support enterprises such as telecom operation, information service and system integration to participate in the operation and promotion of IOT application demonstration project

Fujian will speed up the research and introduction of supporting policies for key IOT enterprises and demonstration projects. Increase financial support, make overall use of the provincial special fund for the development of strategic emerging industries, the special support fund for the development and demonstration application of IOT, and strive to strive for the national special fund for the development of IOT. Support compliance with software and integrated circuits, high and new technology 17. Overall dimension of host mm: 720 × five hundred and eighty × Only in this way can the advantages of the tensile testing machine be guaranteed. Joint enterprises can enjoy the existing preferential tax policies. Encourage financial capital, venture capital and private capital to invest in IOT applications and industrial development

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