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Where will more than 300 million express boxes be placed in Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province in 2017

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core tip: in 2017, Guangdong Zhongshan express business volume completed 312million pieces, with a year-on-year increase of 27.3%, while a survey from the Zhongshan survey team of the National Bureau of Statistics (hereinafter referred to as the national survey) showed that more than 90% of the surveyed Zhongshan citizens bought them every month

[China Packaging News] in 2017, the business volume of Zhongshan express in Guangdong Province completed 312 million pieces, with a year-on-year increase of 27.3%. According to the survey from the Zhongshan survey team of the National Bureau of Statistics (hereinafter referred to as the national survey), more than 90% of the surveyed Zhongshan citizens bought them every month. The surge of express business has brought about the environmental pollution of express waste. How to promote "Green Express packaging" has become a growing concern

in 2017, the express business volume of Zhongshan City has completed 312 million pieces, with a year-on-year increase of 27.33%, ranking the 30th in the country, and the business revenue has completed 3.485 billion yuan, with a year-on-year increase of 21.32%, ranking the 28th in the country. According to the survey results of random interviews with more than 200 citizens conducted by the China National Railway Survey, 32.5% of the respondents purchased once a month, 37.5% of the respondents purchased 3 times a month, and the electroplating process can undoubtedly change the texture and performance of metal - 6 times, 16.0% of the monthly average, 10.0% of the monthly average, and electrical appliances suddenly failed more than 10 times, only 4.0% of the monthly average 0 times. The environmental pollution caused by the increasingly frequent online shopping can not be ignored

at present, the materials of express packages are mainly cartons, as well as plastic bags, foam boxes, fillers and others. More than half of the respondents believed that the express packaging had problems such as excessive packaging, too large and too exquisite packaging boxes. After the express was opened, nearly 60% of the respondents directly discarded the packaging, more than 30% kept it for sale as waste, and more than 10% would be stored and reused. Nine out of ten respondents believed that it was necessary to implement "green packaging" and express package recycling, but they also believed that there were certain difficulties, especially in the recycling process, such as unable to find a fixed recycling point

in September 2017, Zhongshan City issued the "implementation opinions of Zhongshan People's Government on promoting the development of express delivery industry", which proposed that by 2020, a modern express delivery service system with orderly competition, advanced technology, safety and efficiency, high-quality service, green and energy-saving should be basically established, and express delivery enterprises should be guided to increase the application of green transportation, packaging and other technical equipment

to promote green express packaging, the first is to standardize source packaging and production. According to reports, major domestic shopping platforms and express delivery enterprises have taken actions, such as establishing the first logistics packaging laboratory, Cainiao logistics launching the "recycling box" in 2016, Zhongtong dissolvable in aprotic polar solvents express promoting the use of biodegradable packaging bags, and SF express launching fresh recycling incubators. At present, many express companies in Zhongshan, such as Yunda and Shunfeng, have promoted the use of electronic face sheets. Postal EMS has printed various sizes of packaging bags for users to choose, and the reduction goal is gradually promoted

how to further promote "green packaging" and reduce the waste of express packaging boxes? According to the national survey, we should first promote legislation, strengthen implementation and supervision; Secondly, we should strengthen publicity and enhance social awareness of environmental protection; The third is to minimize the waste of source packaging production; The last is the construction of recycling system, which is closely related to citizens

when interviewees want to recycle, they can have points rewards or gifts, recycle in the form of public welfare, buy back in a certain way, etc. Encourage express delivery enterprises to recycle directly, guide waste companies to recycle on-site, jointly build a public and convenient recycling platform, set up fixed recycling points in the community, set up "turnover boxes" to be recycled by couriers, etc. The national dispatching also suggested that green express demonstration bases could be established, a number of demonstration parks could be built, and the construction of Green Express demonstration cities could be promoted

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