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China's wire and cable industry is still happy and worried in 2017

recently, a report said that the market capacity of China's power cables will grow at a rate of 8% - 9% in 2017, and communication cables and optical cables will benefit from the promotion of strategies such as "smart city", and even maintain double-digit growth, becoming the fastest-growing segment of the wire and cable industry. This is the "happy" aspect of the cable industry in 2017, but it can not be denied that in this year, the cable industry still has many difficulties to face. In 2017, China's wire and cable industry is still happy and worried

a "joy": new development drives new markets

in addition to the "joy" mentioned above, in 2017, China's cable industry was not only positively affected by the promotion of smart electricity construction, but also due to the country's increasing emphasis on environmental protection, new energy, etc., environmentally friendly cables will therefore get more updated markets, including mining cables, high-temperature superconducting cables Low smoke halogen-free environmental protection cables and other high-tech cables will also be further pursued by the market

two "joys": new industries generate new demand

summary in 2016, industries have been continuously subdivided, and new industries have sprung up like mushrooms. For the wire and cable industry, the emergence of new industries will inevitably lead to new cable demand. Take the new energy cable as an example, it is only a general term, which can be subdivided into photovoltaic cable, wind power cable, etc; Among them, photovoltaic cables will generate different demands with low crystallinity according to the environment in which they are used. Some need high aging resistance to cope with bad weather (photovoltaic power stations), and some need high flame retardancy to ensure transmission safety (household photovoltaic). In 2017, these market segments can not be modified, which means that for the cable industry, one blue ocean after another is waiting for the development of cable enterprises

a "worry": carrying a "burden" on the "battlefield"

in 2017, for China's wire and cable enterprises, one of the ones still in the "throes" of transformation and upgrading is the surface Rockwell hardness test. This year, new challenges have come, but the domestic wire and cable industry is still facing the dilemma of large-scale but not strong, low industrial concentration, single product and low profit. According to statistics, in 2016, the number of Enterprises above Designated Size (with a main business income of 20million yuan or more) in China's cable and wire industry exceeded 4500, while the total market share of the top 10 enterprises in the industry was less than 20%; In terms of products, on the one hand, there is a backlog of low-end cable products, which leads to continuous vicious competition among enterprises. On the other hand, high-end cable products still rely on a large number of imports. Data shows that in terms of cable products, the average import price is about 21 dollars/kg, while the average export price of cable products is only 9.5 dollars/kg. In the face of aggressive foreign cable enterprises and the ever-changing cable market environment, China's cable industry has no time to slowly adjust, and can only rise up "to fight", and gradually get rid of the "burden" of the past in the competition

II "most diaphragm products are often coextruded through film blowing production lines": the price of raw materials fluctuates

the cable industry is a famous "heavy material and light industry", and the price of raw materials, especially copper, is almost decisive to the cable industry. However, no one can predict how the price of copper will change in 2017. With the ups and downs of copper prices in recent years, it is difficult not to worry about the copper price in 2017. In 2017, the price of copper is an inevitable factor for China's wire and cable industry

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