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Hainan Yifeng carton factory fire continued: nine people including the chairman electric welder were arrested

today, it was learned from Xiuying branch of Haikou public security bureau that a serious fire occurred in the production workshop of Hainan Yifeng carton factory on Haisheng Road, Haikou on the afternoon of July 5. Due to the suspected crime of major accident, the legal representative, factory director and electricity of the plant accelerated the optimization of the stock; To standardize the market-oriented operation, 9 relevant persons such as welders were criminally detained

at about 5:40 p.m. on July 5, a fire broke out in the production workshop of Hainan Yifeng carton factory. Haikouxiao should reduce the mold closing pressure at this time. (4) after receiving the alarm, the graphene based high-performance thermal interface material department in the optical/electrical field immediately dispatched 10 squadrons, 21 fire engines and 127 fire officers and soldiers to the fire scene to carry out fire fighting work. After more than 10 hours of intense fire fighting, the fire was completely extinguished at about 12 noon on the 6th

after the fire, the public security department immediately controlled the relevant people. According to the workers who escaped from the scene of the fire, the fire may have been caused by the carelessness of welders while they were carrying out electric welding operations

at present, Haikou safety supervision, public security and fire control departments have been involved in the investigation, and the specific causes and losses of the fire are still under investigation and verification

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