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Yueyang forest paper: Zhizao's "best" paper is the "most beautiful" book

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is popular because of strength and quality

"let the most beautiful books use Yueyang forest paper." Relying on the first-class process equipment, first-class technology, first-class R & D team, first-class products, Yueyang forest paper "Yueyang Tower", "Tianyue, Shanyue, Huyue" and other series of brands, under the infiltration of Hunan culture, it has sublimated its unique connotation and value, gradually developed into a leading brand in the field of domestic cultural paper, teaching materials and teaching aids, and thin packaging paper, and sang loudly in the market, p>

I. win with "wisdom"

the production capacity has doubled, and has stepped into the forefront of the world's paper industry. It can produce the world's most high-end cultural paper

into the workshop, and a new wind of "wisdom" is blowing in our face: beside the high-speed rotating paper machine, large paper rolls that have just been rewound off the assembly line are lined up like soldiers to be reviewed, waiting to be transported to the packaging process; The automatic spraying system will retrieve the code of each product, scan and match, confirm the spraying, and then send it to the packer equipped with a manipulator, waiting for dressing and dressing to return to the warehouse; In the intelligently controlled paper machine main control, beating, calendering, paper forming, rewinding and packaging production line, only a dozen employees were seen at the scene, busy but not disorderly, nervous and orderly

in July, 2003, the No. 8 paper machine of the 200000 ton high-grade coated paper technical transformation project of Yueyang Forest Paper Co., Ltd. was successfully started up, which announced that the company had ended its history of being unable to produce the world's most high-grade cultural paper, and stepped into the forefront of the world's paper industry with first-class products, first-class technology and first-class process equipment

in August, 2009, Yueyang forest paper's 400000 tons/year printing paper project with mechanical pulp was put into production. The project is one of the top ten landmark projects in Hunan Province. It not only has the international advanced level, but also takes "environment-friendly and clean production" as the core concept, adopts advanced water-saving, power-saving and energy-saving technologies, and its cleaner production capacity has reached the international advanced level

intelligent manufacturing has been tested and entrusted, and the production efficiency of the enterprise has been continuously improved. There are only 145 people in the 400000 ton project, and the labor productivity ranks among the top in the world. Win with "wisdom" and increase efficiency. No. 8 paper machine, No. 9 paper machine and No. 10 paper machine are the epitome of Yueyang forest paper's high-quality development with the help of automation and intelligent transformation

II. Serve people with "quality"

products are popular in the market, comparable to the products produced by countries with the world's most cutting-edge papermaking technology.

"the paper produced by 200000 tons of paper machines and 400000 tons of paper machines is no different from the products produced by enterprises in Finland, the United States, Canada and other places with the world's most cutting-edge papermaking technology!" Zhuhongwei, chief engineer of Yueyang forest paper Yueyang Branch, who has participated in the construction of two major projects, said

Yueyang forest paper adheres to the mission of "paper products make life better", always pays attention to customer needs, environmental protection, and firmly grasps the technical direction. As a national high-tech enterprise, relying on the national technology center and professional technology R & D team, the company has developed a series of products such as environmentally friendly copy paper, light paper, book paper, offset paper, micro coated paper, etc. in recent years, which are typical environmentally friendly products; The high value-added and characteristic products successfully developed, such as micro coated paper, food packaging paper, Tianyue book paper, e-commerce base paper, Tianyue color painting paper, are popular in the market. The project of "Italian poplar APMP new process pulping and its application" presided over by the company won the second prize of the national science and Technology Progress Award in 2003. The company has a number of national independent intellectual property rights, more than 50 national authorized patents and 28 provincial and ministerial level or above scientific and technological progress awards

Yueyang Linzhi also actively responded to the implementation of the "common action plan" for the national unified compilation of teaching materials and supported the national education cause. The sales company successfully won the bid for many state-owned publishers such as the people's education press. In the spring of 2020, the order for teaching aids for state-owned published teaching materials increased by about 25% over the same period last year

III. replace "plastic" with "paper"

strive to be a "customizer" of green products, and "make life more environmentally friendly and healthy"

"replace plastic and love with paper". Yueyang Lin paper's packaging paper to design layered composite structure at the initial stage is precisely adhering to this mission and committed to "making life more environmentally friendly and healthier"

three squirrels, Chacha melon seeds, Dexi... Many people may not know that the outer packaging of these "foodies" 'favorite food is the food packaging paper provided by Yueyang Linzhi. It is understood that Yueyang Lin paper also produces fashionable handbags for Adidas, UNIQLO and the Japanese prince, and packaging bags for Zhang Xinfa and Anhua black tea

Yueyang forest paper has been keeping pace with the general trend of national environmental protection development, and is committed to being a "customizer" of green products. On September 4, the food packaging paper successfully passed the strict examination of Hunan market supervision and Administration Bureau, and was rated as the highest level A. at the same time, it has passed the SGS quality certification, FSC system certification, etc. In the packaging paper business unit 6/7 machine and special paper business unit 3, which are responsible for the production of food paper, we hope that academicians and experts at the pre meeting can take advantage of the meeting opportunity machine, the workshop floor is clean and tidy, the employees are full of spirit, strictly implement the standard operation process, the quality inspection is meticulous, and the production process is orderly and standardized

at present, Yueyang forest paper takes advantage of its technical advantages in pulp, chemicals and other aspects, and focuses on the "green and environmental protection" brand. Its high-end products - high-quality kraft paper and high-strength paper bag paper have become profitable fist products. The market share of packaging paper has been rising, the product status and image have been improved, and the rational national layout has been gradually realized

spring blossoms and autumn fruits

year old fengwucheng

running and singing all the way

from green environmental protection

to "Forest Pulp paper integration"

and then to "ecology +" Transformation

Yueyang forest paper has always been on the path of sustainable development

leading the industry

always being a loyal supporter of green development

active practitioner

and brave pioneer

striving to build a century old enterprise

writing a green chapter with vigorous vitality

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