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Yueyang Paper: 400000 tons of printing paper will soon be put into production

before the IPO, Yueyang paper had a paper and offset paper production capacity of 151300 tons and an annual pulping capacity of 121000 tons (the raw materials are reed, pine forest and poplar)

after the IPO in April 2004, it invested 120000 tons of offset paper capacity, and built 40000 hectares (60 mu) of raw material forest base (phase I) in Dongting Lake area

in 2007, the company issued additional shares, invested in 400000 tons of printing paper with mechanical pulp, and acquired the equity of MaoYuan company (MaoYuan company owns the flexible display place where forest is a polymer 101. Jinan assay equipment was 10000 mu after the formal acceptance of the orderer)

in September 2007, it purchased Yongzhou Xiangjiang paper (150000 tons of packaging paper, now 200000 tons) held by taigelin paper group with its own funds. The national approved patent number is zl201020172119.4; The instrument adopts liquid nitrogen refrigeration technology, 100% equity of microcomputer controlled ultra low temperature Co., Ltd. and a 1760mm papermaking production line (100000 tons)

in April 2008, the company proposed a share allotment plan and planned to acquire 100% of the equity of Juntai company held by taigelin Paper Group. Up to the time of investigation, the company was still implementing the supporting project with an annual output of 400000 tons of bleached kraft pulp and 140000 hectares of raw material forest base (the project is referred to as Huaihua project in the industry, and the original planned investment was 4.35 billion yuan). Later, due to various reasons, the share allotment scheme has still not been implemented

with regard to the 400000 ton additional project acquired in 2007, it is learned that the project has been optimized to 400000 tons of printing paper containing mechanical pulp with waste paper as raw material, a supporting waste paper deinking pulp production line has been added, and an environmental protection investment of 400million yuan has been increased. The optimized project is planned to be put into operation on August 18, 2009 and October 18, 2009 respectively

(1) the production line put into production on August 18, 2009 is a pure waste paper production line, and the target market of the product is Europe, because Europe encourages recycled paper making, and has a preference for the price and usage that meet the corresponding environmental protection and quality standards. If the sales price reaches 5500 yuan/ton (currently 5100 yuan/ton), it is expected that the gross profit per ton of paper will reach 1000 yuan

(2) the printing line put into operation on October 18, 2009 is a mixed line of waste paper and broad-leaved pulp. It is mainly aimed at the domestic copying market, and the gross profit per ton of paper is expected to be RMB

there is still no clear information about Huaihua project. According to some public information, the forest land scale of the project may be reduced. The wood chips required for 400000 tons of pulp (60% of which are coniferous pulp) are sourced from local forests, Southwest Hunan, Guizhou, Guangxi, Myanmar and other places. The supporting forest of the project is reduced to about 800000 mu

as for the restructuring at the level of taigreenpaper group concerned by the media, it is inconvenient for the company and group personnel to disclose during the process. In combination with public information such as the media, we judge that the central enterprise connection may be a restructuring idea of the government. After the restructuring, taigreenpaper group will be the forest paper operation platform of the new owner company

this survey also learned about some technical advantages of Huaihua project. (1) The thermal power plant burns the black liquor, residual sludge after sewage treatment, tree chips and other wastes produced by wood chips, which can meet 100% of its own needs and have a certain surplus. The sale of self-contained power plants can improve the profitability of the company

(2) using chlorine dioxide instead of hypooxometalate in the production process can solve environmental problems such as dioxin

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