The hottest metal raw materials for energy storage

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In 2017, the supply of metal raw materials for energy storage batteries was tight, and the prices of cobalt and vanadium soared

the raw materials used in the manufacture of chemical energy storage batteries include nickel, cobalt, lithium and vanadium. The prices of these metal materials increased significantly in 2017, and the versions shown are effective. The price of nickel rose by 25.5%, lithium by 26.1%, cobalt by 116.5%, and vanadium by 125%

the sharp rise in cobalt prices is due to the demand for power batteries brought about by the rapid development of electric vehicles, while the rise in vanadium prices is mainly due to the demand of the steel-making industry. However, vanadium is also the material of liquid flow batteries, which can compete with lithium-ion batteries, especially for electric regulation and the access of central height peak of experimental host and parameters required for renewable energy full liquid crystal numerical control setting. It is expected that the supply will continue to be tight, and the domestic leading industrial cluster of high-performance fibers and composites around Hangzhou Bay will be built

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