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Metal spiral braided steel plastic composite pipe

psp pipe - "metal spiral braided steel plastic composite pipe" is the latest variety of steel plastic composite pipe family with independent intellectual property rights that has been successfully developed in China. It is another technological innovation after China's "steel skeleton plastic composite pipe" and "steel plate punching skeleton plastic composite pipe"

the basic structure of "metal spiral braided plastic composite pipe" is that the inner and outer layers of plastic will be welded, which is an important reference index for quality control and utilization design. The connected metal spiral braided Li Peisheng pointed out that the layer is completely wrapped in the middle of the plastic, which is less beneficial than the melting of the plastic. It is a typical PE/steel/pe (p/s/p abbreviated as: PSP) three-layer structure

its technical characteristics are: "economy, practicality, technology, environmental protection and progressiveness". It is currently the best "steel plastic composite pipe" with common advantages of metal/plastic

the biggest economic advantage of "metal spiral braided plastic composite pipe" is that the cost is more than 30% lower than that of similar products; The biggest technical advantage is that the specification of pipe diameter production is between Dn40 and dn630, which is the largest in the specification range of steel plastic composite pipe family

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