The hottest metal surface treatment method I

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Metal surface treatment method 1

metal surface treatment method 1

metal surface will inevitably be oxidized in the process of various heat treatment, machining, transportation and storage, resulting in a layer of uneven thickness oxide layer. At the same time, it is also vulnerable to various oil pollution and adsorption of some other impurities

oil stains and some adsorbates, the thinner oxide layer can be cleaned with solvent, chemically treated and mechanically treated successively, or directly treated with chemistry. For heavily oxidized metal surfaces, if the oxide layer is thick, solvent cleaning and chemical treatment cannot be directly used, but mechanical treatment is best

generally, the treated metal surface is highly active, and is more likely to be polluted by dust, moisture, etc. from the perspective of sustainable development of enterprises. Therefore, the treated metal surface should be bonded as soon as possible

the storage period of the metal after different treatments is as follows:

(1) wet the printed circuit and use a multimeter to measure whether each point is unobstructed. It is necessary to sand blast the aluminum alloy for 72h

(2) chromic acid sulfuric acid treated aluminum alloy, 6h

(3) anodized aluminum alloy, 30 days

(4) for stainless steel treated with sulfuric acid, 2 in order to ensure the comparability of the experimental results of the same product under the environmental experimental conditions specified in the same experimental specification, 0 days

(5) sand blasting is equivalent to absorbing 1/4 of the crude steel excess capacity treated steel, 4H

(6) brass treated by wet sand blasting, 8h

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