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Metal packaging: moving forward in difficulties (III)

the requirements for the packaging design of future products are: when consumers choose products, the product packaging can not only give people a feeling of higher quality, but also consider the addition of health and care elements in the product design to meet the requirements of future consumers for product packaging

it is also an inevitable trend to adopt new technology in product packaging. 3. The fixture itself is a locking mechanism. For the new technology applied in the future packaging design, Professor Saka Qida also put forward several bold ideas:

* packaging with temperature control. With the obvious trend of atmospheric warming, businesses in order to control the goods within a certain temperature range to meet the needs of consumers. A temperature sensing device is installed on the package of the product to meet different requirements

* interactive packaging. Flexible microelectronics technology is used on the packaging, and the content displayed on the screen will change with the environment and the needs of customers

the future does not exist in the future world, but in people's consciousness and imagination. With the development and application of new technology, people's beautiful imagination becomes a reality. Packaging breaks through the limitations of the original graphic design creativity, and its expression forms will be richer and more vivid. The application of new technology will become an important development trend of packaging in the future

like enterprise management, the development of product packaging design is changing with each passing day, but in the process of its development, it also follows this truth: in this highly competitive society, products must change constantly to adapt to the changing market demand. The only constant in this process is change. We should always pay attention to the changes of the market and consumers. Only in this way can we truly grasp the latest trends of packaging design and put forward the packaging design that best conforms to the consumption trend and trend to ensure the competitiveness of products in this regard

application characteristics of silk printing in metal packaging

in recent years, with the development of China's economy, the market has higher and higher requirements for packaging. For metal packaging, silk printing technology has become increasingly popular. Especially for metal packaging barrel products, silk printing has become an important way to improve the grade of industrial products, and has been widely used in China

wire printing of metal packaging is a kind of special packaging printing, which takes the unique hard materials of metal packaging products as the substrate. Its substrate materials mainly include tinplate (tinned steel sheet), chromium plated steel sheet, galvanized steel sheet, cold rolled carbon steel sheet, hot rolled carbon steel sheet, etc. there are also special packaging materials such as aluminum plate, stainless steel plate, etc

metal packaging wire printing is an integral part of the production process of metal packaging. It is the label of the packaging content, which contains certain advertising ingredients. Therefore, in order to arouse consumers' desire to buy and improve the sales value of goods, as a means of promotion, novel binding design and exquisite printing should be carried out. In this way, metal packaging wire printing is more important

I. performance characteristics of wire printed metal packaging

1. Physical properties and characteristics of wire printed metal materials

Jinan experimental machine factory is an important manufacturer of the following eight categories of products in the machine industry: metal packaging materials generally have good heat transfer and conductivity, and high mechanical strength, which are ideal materials for metal packaging. Due to its good ductility, it is easy to cut, punch, bend, stretch and other processing. More importantly, metal packaging materials can withstand various forms and can meet the decorative functions of various packaging

2. Technical requirements of wire printing on metal materials

① straightness: the metal sheet shall not be warped

② surface roughness: the surface of metal sheet shall be free of mechanical scratch, scratch, unevenness, rough stripes and other surface roughness

③ cleanliness: the printing surface of metal packaging should be clean and free from dirt, dust, water marks and other unclean phenomena

3. Printing adaptability requirements

① good processability of metal packaging materials and diversity of modeling design

metal packaging materials have good mechanical properties, processing and molding properties. Metal packaging containers can achieve novel and unique manufacturing design, and produce various special-shaped barrels, cans, boxes and other packaging containers, so as to beautify mutual understanding, mutual cooperation, customer satisfaction, improve the competitiveness of commodities and improve the competitiveness of commodities

② bright colors, rich layers and good visual effects

if the metal packaging is tinplate, because its surface is tinplate, it has a flashing color effect, and then after the background color printing, the printed graphics and texts are more bright. For Wuxi steel plate or other metal materials, after surface treatment and coating, special flash effect can also be reproduced after printing

③ it is conducive to the unification of the use value and artistry of commodities.

the good performance of metal packaging materials and the good wear resistance and durability of silk printing ink not only create conditions for the realization of unique shape design, such as light structure in the automotive industry, building insulation, thermal energy management in the consumer electronics industry and fine silk printing. After the metal packaging surface is decorated, it not only makes the packaging more beautiful, Moreover, it can greatly improve the value of metal packaging itself and the durability and maintainability of commodities, and better reflect the unity of the use value and artistry of commodities

④ important means to reduce costs

by means of silk printing, the production process of some metal packaging products (such as steel barrels) has been changed or simplified, and the production cost has been reduced

due to the above reasons, the silk printing of metal packaging has developed rapidly in recent years

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