The hottest metal packaging in China faces four ch

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The future development of metal packaging in China is facing four challenges and opportunities

metal packaging containers refer to thin-walled packaging made of metal sheets. It is widely used in food packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, instruments, because vanadium is a rare metal, instrument packaging, industrial products packaging, arms packaging and other aspects of coke price support is strong

China's metal packaging has great room for development in the whole packaging industry chain, but it also faces four challenges and opportunities for future development:

first, the industrial concentration is not high, and there is no scale effect, creating an expansion opportunity for the industry to integrate the rough measurement of cable faults into a new situation

second: enterprises compete homogeneously, their innovation ability is insufficient, and the opportunities for product design innovation are prominent

third: raw materials continue to rise, resources are seriously wasted, and the cost innovation benefits of weight reduction and consumption reduction will be very prominent

fourth: lack of brand building, high downstream dependence, and standard setters will have a real say. Customer satisfaction is not equal to industry brand. Only by grasping the end consumer market and creating value for customers can we lead the development of the industry

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