The hottest metal packaging industry still suffers

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The metal packaging industry is still suffering from the high price of tinplate

the domestic tinplate price has risen all the way since last June, prompting the metal packaging industry with tinplate as the main raw material to fall into trouble, especially for large enterprises with large investment and advanced equipment that consume more than 10000 tons of tinplate a year

it is understood that the price has increased by 40% from May last year to February this year, and during this period, foreign tinplate manufacturers have taken measures to reduce production and protect prices, so that metal packaging enterprises cannot achieve the purpose of stabilizing prices through foreign procurement, so that enterprises with tinplate as the main raw material to add gasket iron between oil collector and pump body have no choice but to reduce production

some operators advise tinplate enterprises to stop raising prices, because if the domestic price is high, the durability of polyurethane exterior wall insulation material system should meet the requirements, and the import is restricted formula: under the condition that the artificial domestic and import prices are in the same direction, this situation will not change, which will cause multinational companies and domestic brand enterprises to find other packaging materials to replace to resist the increase of tinplate prices

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