At its peak, Shanghai closed up to 28680 yuan in t

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In the morning trading on March 9, Shanghai closed up to 28680 yuan

on March 8, the price of ru1205, the main contract of Shanghai rubber industry, fell by 80 yuan to 28005 yuan, the total trading volume of the whole day increased by more than 138000 hands to more than 737000 hands, and the position increased by more than 15000 hands to more than 281000 hands. In early trading on the 9th, the contract closed up 675 yuan to 28680 yuan

Tokyo gum rose across the board, up 3 5 yen, each contract runs to 313 yen. Jinmin eventually developed micro foaming injection molding grade PP with good surface appearance quality. The output results can be set arbitrarily: the maximum force value and elongation are -337 yen. Singapore No. 3 rubber contract closed down 1 cent to 391 cents/kg in April, and No. 20 rubber contract closed up 1.5 cents to 379.9 cents/kg in April. The maximum stroke of the piston: 500mm

in the international production area, Thailand's No. 3 glue spread from 400 cents to cents/kg, No. 20 glue spread from 388 cents to cents/kg, Indonesia's No. 20 glue rose from cents to cents/kg, and Malaysia's No. 20 glue strengthened from 381 cents to cents/kg. The current price of uss3 in Thailand fell to 107 68 baht/kg

in domestic production areas, the average price of listing in Haikou trading hall was 29542 yuan, with a listing volume of 106 tons, while the average price of listing in Kunming trading hall was 30008 yuan, with a listing volume of 177 tons, and there was no transaction

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