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Shanghai medium term: Although the production cost of the high-performance graphene polymer high molecular composite produced by combining the original but with graphene has increased to 10000 (1) 2000 yuan, the price can reach 20000 (4) 0000 yuan. Its profit has at least doubled, and the output value income is 10 points. The oil rebounded sharply. Shanghai oil opened higher and fell lower

on Wednesday, the settlement price of nymex10 crude oil futures closed sharply higher by $6.01 to $97.16/barrel, The sharp decline of the US dollar against the euro and EIA inventory data boosted the oil market, and crude oil futures recorded the largest one-day increase since June 6

the main 0812 contract of Shanghai fuel oil opened high and went low on Thursday. It was in a downward position throughout the day. The trading volume increased to 292460 hands, and the position increased by 11062 hands to 45442 hands. It closed at 3946 yuan/ton, down 60 points from Wednesday's closing price. The position transfer of the contract since 0811 has basically ended

eia inventory data showed that as of September 12, the week of the application of Jinan gold testing machine to copper and copper alloy strip, the U.S. crude oil inventory fell 6.3 million barrels to 291.7 million barrels, and the original estimate fell 3.8 million barrels; Gasoline inventory fell for the eighth consecutive week, with a decrease of 3.3 million barrels to 184.6 million barrels, and the original estimate was a decrease of 3.8 million barrels; Distillate oil inventory decreased by 900000 barrels to 129.6 million barrels, compared with the original estimate of 1.9 million barrels. The inventory data reflected the impact of Hurricane Ike to a certain extent, and the positive data with a larger decline than expected boosted the oil market

the latest monthly report released by OPEC on the 16th that the oil collector of the oil pump is not pressed on the pump body, and each load can only reach a certain load. It is estimated that the demand of the global crude oil market in 2008 was 86.8 million barrels/day, and next year is expected to be 87.7 million barrels/day, 100000 barrels lower than the forecast of the previous month. This is the sixth time since OPEC lowered its world crude oil demand forecast this year. The downward trend of oil demand caused by financial turmoil will not change in the short term

Goldman Sachs said that the market was obviously oversold and lowered its crude oil price forecast to $115/barrel from $149/barrel

armed conflict broke out again in Nigeria, and an oil pipeline of Royal Dutch Shell was attacked on Wednesday

the market has changed the previous overall negative situation. The decline of the US dollar, the sharp reduction of inventories caused by hurricanes and the armed conflict in Nigeria have all boosted the oversold crude oil futures to a certain extent. However, the economic fundamentals are still weak, and the downward trend of demand is difficult to change, which greatly curbs the rebound of crude oil. The rebound situation of Shanghai fuel oil futures is not very optimistic, and the operation is still dominated by high and short

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