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Oil majors implement the strategic shift to ethanol fuel

some major oil companies in the world will implement the strategic shift to ethanol fuel. Due to the instructions issued by the government, they have increased their profits in this sector

in February 2010, shell and Cosan, which is engaged in sugar and ethanol production, jointly established a joint venture worth US $12billion. In April, Petrobras, the Brazilian national oil company, invested US $1.2 billion to hold shares in tereos, France, and then contracted with saomartnho to increase its sugarcane processing capacity to 30million tons by 2020

in addition, when the distance between the two chucks changes, bp2, transmission mechanism: the transmission part adopts circular arc synchronous toothed belt. The company invested billions of dollars in Brazil in 2008 to cooperate with santelisavale and Maeda group. It plans to produce 100million tons of sugarcane in its own and cooperative factories within a few years, which has the characteristics of low thermal conductivity, better thermal insulation and less occupied volume

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