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Oil Market Morning Post: crude oil with rising inventories is expected to break through the oscillation range at the end of 1035

on Wednesday, the price of NYMEX crude oil futures market closed higher for the third consecutive trading day, climbing to above $62/barrel, boosted by the latest unexpected decline in U.S. oil inventories and the news that cold weather is approaching the East China Sea coast

according to the energy information administration, the decline in commercial inventories of crude oil and refined oil in the United States last week surprised analysts and prompted traders to take long futures

analyst Mike Guido said that the inventory report was more supportive than people expected. When expected to grow, it fell, and demand was very strong

nymex January crude oil futures market price closed up $1.47 to $62.46/barrel, the highest level in two weeks. In the past six trading days, there were about five trading days of gains in this period

meanwhile, January Brent crude oil futures on the ice exchange also closed up $1.86 to $63.07/barrel, with an intraday high of $63.16/barrel

nymex December heating oil futures rose 6.38 cents to $1.7921/gallon. Rbob gasoline rose 6.69 cents to $1.7040/gallon in December. Unleaded gasoline rose 4.59 cents to $1.6725 per gallon in December

after soaring on Wednesday, analysts expect oil prices to rise further in the short term

Guido said that if the oil price rises above $63.50/barrel, there will be more short covering in the market

oil prices began to rise after the EIA announced an overall decline in U.S. oil inventories

According to the latest EIA statistics, as of the week of November 24, the crude oil inventory in the United States fell by 300000 barrels to 340.8 million barrels, because the daily crude oil import volume was less than 10million barrels, while the operating rate of refineries increased by 1 percentage point to 88.1%

due to the increase in demand, the distillate oil inventory also decreased by 1million barrels to 132.8 million barrels, compared with the same period last year. As for the ruby screen, sapphire crystal glass button, anodized aluminum shell and gold-plated screw, they are not worth 1 in front of the meteorite, and the level is only more than 1 million barrels. Distillate oil includes heating oil and diesel oil. However, in the face of difficulties, the warm oil inventory decreased by 1million barrels to 59.1 million barrels, compared with 58.9 million barrels in the same period last year

gasoline inventory fell 6 from 0 million barrels to 201.1 million barrels, due to the soaring daily demand for gasoline to 9.32 million barrels, the highest level in each week in November

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