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Oil price adjustment window opens oil price or enters the "7" era, Shanghai Securities News reported that today is the day when a new round of domestic oil price adjustment window opens. According to the agency's calculation, although the international oil price has fallen sharply in the past week, the international oil price has remained at a high level of more than $80 for most of this cycle. Therefore, as of yesterday, the 22 working day change rate of crude oil prices in the three places is still more than 4%, which means that the conditions for price adjustment today may still be met

recently, the international oil price plunged sharply, and the international crude oil benchmark WTI fell from $86 a week ago to around $76 before the 53 concrete block. However, industry analysts believe that the price decline of only a few days has not had a great impact on the crude oil rate of the three places calculated by the average price of 22 trading days, which is a necessary condition for determining whether the domestic oil price should be adjusted

according to Dongfang oil and gas, the change rate of the three places was 5.24% as of May 11, still above 4%. Judging from the trend of international oil prices in the past two days, there has indeed been no significant shock, which means that the 4% price adjustment condition will be met so far

according to the measures for the administration of oil prices issued last year, when the moving average price of crude oil in the international market changes by more than 4% for 22 consecutive working days, the price of domestic refined oil can be adjusted accordingly

"at the key time point of the current price adjustment window, the government may consider avoiding the deviation between the abnormal fluctuation of international oil prices and the trend of domestic price adjustment policies, so it may adopt the method of delaying the price adjustment in order to observe the next trend of international oil prices. However, in this way, the uncertainty of the price adjustment policy will also increase." Zhong Jian, an expert on oil prices, told this newspaper

he believes that considering that the domestic price adjustment policy will not be mechanically linked or "kidnapped" by international oil prices, delaying and observing the price adjustment period at an appropriate node for a period of time can be regarded as a new factor to improve the current price adjustment policy. If the price adjustment is postponed for too long, and the international oil price will remain at the low level or even fall below 4% for a period of time in the future, there will be great pressure to continue to introduce the policy of raising oil prices. At that time, the possibility that this round of price adjustment will be cancelled will not be ruled out

he predicted that even if the NDRC adjusted the price this time, the range would not be very large, and it might be about 200 yuan per ton

Niu Li, director of the Macroeconomic Research Office of the Economic Forecasting Department of the National Information Center, told this newspaper that after the price adjustment on April 14, the refining profits of the two groups have been guaranteed, and the international oil price has recently fallen sharply by $10. In this case, it is unwise for domestic oil prices to continue to rise

"even if the domestic oil price does not rise this time, PetroChina and Sinopec may not be greatly affected, while transportation, manufacturing, chemical and other industries will be free from further cost increases." Niu Li said

the Morning Post reported that since Shanghai No. 93 gasoline has now reached 6.87 yuan per liter, if the oil price rises again, it may enter the "7" era. Yesterday's visit found that the retail price of the gas stations under the two giants is now basically full price, pushing up the molding temperature: 200 ⑵ 40 ℃, with a strong atmosphere

the domestic price adjustment window opens again

recently, media reports said that Sinopec and PetroChina Shanghai branch had submitted a report on the price increase of refined oil products over the weekend. Since the No. 93 gasoline in Shanghai has reached 6.87 yuan per liter, if the price adjustment report is approved, as long as the price increase is 0.13 yuan per liter, the retail price of gasoline in Shanghai will enter the "7" era

in this regard, the relevant person in charge of Sinopec Shanghai Branch, along with the tax increase on American waste pulp, said that the company would not submit a report on the increase or decrease of oil prices to the government departments. As for whether Sinopec will submit a similar report to the national development and Reform Commission, the person said it was unclear. PetroChina Shanghai branch also made the same response. However, the person in charge of Sinopec Shanghai Branch revealed that although no notice related to the price adjustment has been received for the time being, the price adjustment window of domestic refined oil has indeed been opened

it is understood that the price adjustment from April 14 to today is exactly 22 working days. Although the international oil price has fallen continuously recently, from US $86 on May 3 to about US $75 now, due to the continuous surge in oil prices before, the continuous weighted average price change rate of crude oil in the three places (Brent, Dubai and Xinta) has exceeded 4% since the last price adjustment, meeting the conditions for domestic finished oil price adjustment

social gas stations store oil while promoting

visited a number of gas stations yesterday and found that the expected increase in oil prices has affected the city's retail market. Sinopec and PetroChina basically implement the maximum retail price. An insider said that Sinopec and PetroChina have also been trying to push up the wholesale price recently, but due to the lack of strong market demand and other reasons, the wholesale price is still 200-400 yuan per ton from the ceiling price. "This proves that the price push is not in line with the market reality." The person said

while Sinopec and PetroChina gas stations stick to the price system, almost every family in social gas stations has a discount: Xinao Jiuhuan 93 gasoline on Zhoujiazui road has a temporary promotional price, with a price of only 6.60 yuan per liter, a discount of 0.27 yuan; The price of 97 gasoline is 7.15 yuan per liter, with a discount of 0.15 yuan. At the Huajiang gas station at the intersection of Zhenning road and Wanhangdu Road, the price of No. 93 gasoline is also 6.60 yuan per liter, and No. 97 gasoline is more preferential, at 7.00 yuan per liter. In addition, in some remote social gas stations, No. 93 gasoline is even 6.57 yuan. The person in charge of some social gas stations also said that after hearing the price rise information recently, they also increased the purchase, so their cost decreased by 30% and hoarded some sources of goods. "Otherwise, in case of price adjustment, wholesale prices will rise sharply, and retail profits will be affected."

mentioning that the oil price is unfavorable to the domestic price level

"the international oil price is falling, and now the price adjustment is a little unreasonable." On many auto forums, the information that oil prices may rise again has caused heated discussion among many car owners. Most car owners said that now the domestic oil price is very high, and they hope the national development and Reform Commission can consider the affordability of the people. Moreover, the international oil price is declining, so we should wait and see

Chu jiewang, an analyst at e-trade consulting, said that even if the conditions for price adjustment are met, there are doubts about whether the NDRC will adjust the price and how much it will increase. Now the prices of raw materials, cotton and other products are speeding up. If the oil price is adjusted recently, other [overview picture] products, logistics and industrial costs will increase, which is not conducive to controlling the overall domestic price level. Zhong Jian, chief analyst of Dongfang oil and gas, also believes that the trend of continuous decline in international oil prices is very obvious. If the national development and Reform Commission immediately adjusts oil prices, the time is not good

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