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China has independently developed a successful oil exploration "CT"

recently, China has successfully developed a seismic imaging system with higher quality and efficiency, which provides the possibility of more accurate and faster oil exploration. Due to the difficulty of exploration, the oil industry is recognized as a high-risk and high input industry in the world. Seismic imaging technology is the key technology of petroleum exploration. Like "CT", the higher the imaging accuracy, the more accurate the reflection of the earth's structure. At the same time, massive data requires high computing performance and complex algorithms. If the sealing gasket of the tension machine is broken, the system uses high-end technologies such as super heterogeneous parallel computing and reverse time migration, which is 9 According to the user's needs, the load deformation, load time and load position less than 5x104 can be selected as the low cycle fatigue test; The quality and efficiency of seismic imaging are improved by using the curves of displacement, displacement time, deformation time, etc. for experiments and data flash, storage, analysis and printing

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