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Purchase of automatic box gluing machine

why use automatic box gluing machine

after cutting and forming, cartons generally need to be folded or nailed before shipment. When the number of orders is small, the box can be glued by manual conversion and pasting. Once the number of orders reaches thousands or tens of thousands, manual conversion and pasting is not enough. Therefore, it is urgent to use equipment with a higher degree of automation. When using the semi-automatic box pasting machine, you must manually fold and feed paper one by one. The machine speed can only reach 40 ~ 50 sheets/minute, which still can not meet the needs of rapid production. Using the full-automatic printing slotting die-cutting paste converting machine (commonly known as in-line), although the production speed can be greatly increased (120 pieces/min ~ 150 pieces/min), the equipment price is high, which is suitable for the production of orders with large quantities and strong sustainability. Generally, small and medium-sized carton Enterprises will not consider purchasing such equipment

in order to solve these problems, the supplier has developed a full-automatic carton gluing machine (with a speed of more than 80 sheets/min), which stacks the printed slotted cartons on the paper feeding bed of the full-automatic carton gluing machine, and the whole batch of cartons are stacked and discharged by paper feeding, pasting, folding, counting and discharging. Because this process is automatic, the efficiency is higher

what are the advantages of full-automatic box gluing machine

comparison of automatic box gluing machine with manual origami and automatic printing slotting die cutting paste folding machine

it can be seen from table 1 that compared with various paste conversion methods, although there are higher speed equipment to choose from, the investment return rate of the fully automatic box gluing machine is the highest

why can the cost be saved by using the full-automatic box gluing machine

based on the daily production of 72000 pieces, human enterprises often lack the power to configure instruments, and more than 30 people are needed for adhesive boxes. With the full-automatic box gluing machine, if the average production speed is 120 pieces/minute, 7200 pieces can be produced in an hour, which can be completed by only three people. The labor cost can be reduced a lot, and the product cost can be reduced accordingly

product introduction of automatic box gluing machine series

1. Automatic box gluing machine

afg-12 technical parameters of automatic box gluing machine:

① maximum production speed: 100 meters/minute

② maximum paper throughput: 1200mm × 2400mm;

③ minimum paper throughput: 350mm × 815mm。

equipment features:

1. there are sufficient safety protection measures to avoid the danger of operation

2. There is sufficient and smooth space for personnel from moving cardboard to the front of the paper bed

3. It is convenient to set and adjust the size, including the setting of baffle, origami arm, cardboard gap and counting discharge quantity

4. you can choose the way of pasting on the pasting wheel or spraying system

5. It is equipped with a central support device, which can prevent large paperboards from sagging due to gravity when stacking

6. with a paper feeding and air suction device, even the warped cardboard can be transported smoothly

7. the origami forming rod can overcome the influence of poor pressing quality or different pressing depth

8. The origami conveyor belt is equipped with a guide strip, which can prevent the origami belt from snaking together with the guide groove of the pressing wheel

9. it is equipped with a fine-tuning control device for the speed of the lower origami belt, which can match the characteristics of the carton and avoid the skew of the big and small mouth or fishtail

10. it is equipped with a pressure wheel, which can be properly pressurized and bonded to make the bonding more firm. The carton pressed by the pressure wheel can reduce the folding of the joint parts after folding, and prevent the stack from skewing

11. After folding, it is equipped with a plastic paper beating device to make the folded carton more square. It is also equipped with a blowing auxiliary device to make the carton fall smoothly

12. After the stacked cartons are discharged, there is enough buffer conveying space and device

2. Top stacking full-automatic box gluing machine

technical parameters of the equipment:

① maximum speed: 180 sheets/minute

② production speed: 120 sheets/minute

③ maximum cardboard size: 900mm × 1800mm;

④ minimum cardboard size: 300mm × 750mm。

⑤ mechanical size: l11000 × H16000 × Realize the function of real-time uploading of collected data and real-time issuing of control instructions w23000

⑥ power supply: 380V 8kw

equipment features:

the counting and stacking part uses belts and polyurethane pressure loss free wheels to transport, and one-time stacking and counting output. The control part adopts Japanese OMRON PLC products, which has the advantages of accurate and stable action. The weight of the folding full-automatic box gluing machine produced by Jinchuan company is only 4.5 tons, with low manufacturing cost and low market price

there are two forms of box gluing machine, namely, the lower stacking type and the upper stacking type. The down stacking full-automatic box gluing machine basically adopts the structure of the in-line production line, adopts the down stacking folding method, uses the belt and vacuum fan to absorb the folding and stacking of paperboard, and can be counted and pushed out after being transported by the secondary belt. The lower stack and upper stack gluing machines have their own advantages, but the lower stack gluing machine has complex structure, huge machine, weight of 14 tons, high manufacturing cost, development of green technology, and is not easy to operate, requiring a high degree of professionalism of operators, which will bring trouble to production when personnel leave their posts frequently today. The folding type automatic box gluing machine has the advantages of light weight, low manufacturing cost, simple operation and high speed

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