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Purchase of construction machinery

Guide: construction machinery purchase plan mechanical equipment planning is a long-term goal planning, which also needs to be achieved through the annual machinery purchase plan, and the planning should be adjusted and supplemented according to the changes of objective conditions to make it meet the actual needs. 1、 Annual machinery purchase plan

mechanical equipment planning is a long-term goal planning, which also needs to be realized through the annual machinery purchase

plan, and the planning should be adjusted and supplemented according to the changes of objective conditions to make it meet the actual needs

I. preparation basis of annual machinery purchase plan

the main basis for preparing annual machinery purchase plan is:

1 Recent production tasks and technical equipment planning of the enterprise

2. The development plan of construction system, construction technology and construction mechanization undertaken by the enterprise

3. The physical quantities and progress of the construction tasks undertaken by the enterprise in this year, as well as the construction technical characteristics of the project

4. Scrapping and updating of mechanical equipment during the year

5. The construction production capacity after giving full play to the efficiency of existing machinery

6. Sources of machinery purchase funds

7. Development and rentability of social construction machinery leasing industry

8. Annual machine shift, annual output quota and technical equipment quota of construction machinery

II. Preparation procedure of annual machinery purchase plan

the preparation of annual machinery purchase plan generally goes through the following classes

1. Preparatory class. It is mainly to collect data, find out the situation, master the original

rules of relevant equipment, clarify tasks, and calculate strength

2. Balance class. Prepare the draft of machinery purchase plan, and carry out

accounting with relevant departments. On the premise of giving full play to the efficiency of machinery, strive to balance the construction task with the construction capacity, and balance the machinery cost and other economic indicators

3. Choose the argumentation class. The machinery purchase plan makes it impossible to obtain data. The machinery varieties, specifications, type

numbers listed in the plan must be carefully selected and demonstrated

4. Determine class. The annual machinery purchase plan is prepared by the machinery management department of the enterprise,

is jointly reviewed by the production, technology, planning, finance and other departments, and is approved by the enterprise leaders

and reported to the superior competent department of the enterprise for approval if necessary

2.3.2 selection of construction machinery purchase

selecting the best mechanical equipment is an important work in enterprise management decision-making. Correct selection of construction machinery can maximize the limited investment in technology

economic efficiency

first, the principle of machine selection

the principle of machine selection:

1 Applicable in production. Production applicability is in line with the requirements of enterprise equipment structure rationalization, suitable for construction needs, and can play an investment effect

2. Technologically advanced. It is based on the premise of production applicability and aims to obtain the maximum economic efficiency

rate. We should not be divorced from the actual needs of enterprises and unilaterally pursue the technological advancement, but also prevent the purchase of technologically backward models

3. Economically reasonable in the work of epidemic prevention and control. On the premise of pursuing the above requirements, we must also consider the rationality of the purchase cost. The reduction of the purchase cost can reduce the use cost of machinery

in a word, the above selection principles should be weighed uniformly. In the specific choice, we must measure all technical and economic indicators in an all-round way, and comprehensively consider all kinds of factors

II. Selection steps of machinery

at present, there are many manufacturers of construction machinery, even if there are multiple manufacturers of the same type of machinery. When selecting machinery, you should also choose jjg1136 ⑵ 017 to select 10 manufacturers. The specific steps are as follows:

1 Preselection. It is based on the extensive collection of information on the supply of machinery market. The sources of source information include: product appearance, product objectives, newspaper advertisements

and information collected from trade fairs, among which select some optional models

and manufacturers

2. Fine selection. Investigate the preselected models and manufacturers. 1. Reasonable and simple operation system and inquiry,

understand the technical parameters, efficiency and performance of the products in detail; The service quality and reputation of the manufacturer, and the user's reflection and evaluation of its products; Source of goods and supply time

; Ordering channel, price, attached accessories and after-sales service; Make the investigation records of

and then analyze and compare them, and then select 1 ~ 2 production plants as the contact target

3. Selected. Contact the selected manufacturers, and send special personnel to the factory to investigate and understand special questions when necessary, aiming at relevant problems such as mechanical performance, price and preferential conditions; Delivery time and after-sales service conditions; The supply of accessories, drawings and accessories shall be negotiated with the manufacturer and detailed records shall be made. Then the relevant

departments of the enterprise jointly evaluate and make several options, and finally the competent leaders make decisions

at this point, the selection process is over, and the order can be made

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